"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Christmas backpacks move woman to tears, salvation

Something very special happened last fall as Kentucky Baptists were preparing for the Christmas backpacks initiative in central Kentucky.

through evangelism training

"I shouldn't need training to talk about someone I love. If I love Jesus, I will naturally talk about Him." This statement, often heard as an objection to personal evangelism training, is both true and untrue. It is true that we do not need training to talk about someone we love like one's spouse, children or grandchildren, or in this case, Jesus. It is untrue, however, that Christians do not need training when it comes to personal evangelism.

From the editor
Better together

As readers of the Western Recorder, hopefully you are pleased with the transition to a magazine format. That is just one of a number of changes you will see as our team works to inform, educate and motivate Kentucky Baptists in kingdom work.

Preventing abuse in the church

Kentucky Baptist leaders are responding to charges of sexual abuse in a number of Southern Baptist churches across the United States. Two churches in Kentucky were named in a report released by the Executive Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in late February. The board said it is investigating the charges and how the churches are dealing with them.

Is this thing on?
Maybe not, if you're on the wrong frequency

It's a warning that deserves repeating. Churches that are still using wireless microphones in the 600 MHz range on July 13, 2020, will be breaking federal law.

Floyd named as EC president nominee

NASHVILLE—Arkansas pastor and former Southern Baptist Convention president Ronnie Floyd will be recommended for the presidency of the SBC Executive Committee, the EC's presidential search committee announced today (March 31).