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Vision 2025
A call to reach every person for Christ

Vision 2025 is not simply a slogan or rallying cry. It's a path forward to help us reimagine a new future together of reaching the world for Jesus Christ — every person, every town, every city, every state and every nation.

Hunting for truth
Puzzle helps reveal true meaning of Easter

As one 11-year-old girl was writing her message, she didn't know the word "Jesus." She had heard the word Jesus, but had never seen the name of Jesus written.

3 post-resurrection reminders

Churches should continually focus on evangelism and discipleship with the knowledge that God is all-powerful in helping the church fulfill His priority while assuring His presence during the process! To Him be the praise!

The 3 greatest financial risks you face today

Good financial planning can help you avoid or reduce the risk of these financial disasters.

Freedom Behind Bars
Franklin pastor builds relationships, makes significant impact with jail ministry

It's not the "Free Behind Bars" t-shirt that Franklin Community Church Senior Pastor Eric Walker wears that grabs the attention of inmates at the Simpson County Detention Center. Instead, it's his testimony of "been there, done that." He uses his life story to explain to prisoners how they can have hope and a future — a new life through faith in Christ.

From the editor

'The Power of New Life' is the appropriate theme for this month as we celebrate Easter and the resurrection power of Jesus. Our goal is to focus attention on the most crucial need anyone has — to experience the new life that comes only through faith in Jesus.