"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Messengers debate SWBTS trustee action

DALLAS—Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention proposed 20 motions during two 15-minute scheduled segments of the 2018 annual meeting in Dallas.

Bowman calls for new life in dry bones

DALLAS—Kie Bowman, pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, preached the convention sermon from Ezekiel 37, calling on Southern Baptists to ask God to breathe life into families, churches and the Southern Baptist Convention at the annual meeting in Dallas.

Refugee simulation brings 'chaos' to life

DALLAS—Personal belongings are confiscated, and a participant is stripped of his or her individuality. They become a number. Government workers with stern faces instruct them to face forward. No talking. They're ushered through a curtain and instructed to write down the names of four loved ones. These are the people they may take with them. No further instruction is given.

Texas governor thanks SBC for help in 'tragedy after tragedy'

DALLAS—Texas Governor Greg Abbott thanked Southern Baptists for their prayers and hands-on aid during times of crisis in Texas over the last year.

Linda Cooper: 'Great Commission at center of all we do'

DALLAS—Linda Cooper, president of national WMU, opened the report of Woman's Missionary Union to Southern Baptist Convention messengers citing findings by the Barna Group. In a March 2018 study, Barna found 51 percent of church goers have never heard the words "the Great Commission." Another 25 percent have heard the words but can't recall the exact meaning, and 6 percent are not sure if they have heard the words.

'All of us' must evangelize, SBC agrees with task force

DALLAS—Lay persons, pastors, churches, state conventions and Southern Baptist Convention entities have a role in an evangelism renewal plan Southern Baptists adopted June 13.