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From the editor

As we approach Christmas 2019, most agree that the times are perilous indeed. We live with daily headlines about possible impeachment of the president, about increasing gun violence now targeted at schools and churches, about allegations of sexual abuse committed by people in high-profile walks of life, about genocide in other parts of our world, about the tragedy of human trafficking within our own borders and about the growing persecution of Christians around the globe. So here we are approaching Dec. 25, and the natural question resounds — where is there peace on earth?

No gift that can be offered is comparable to Christ

In just a matter of days, there will be lots of gifts given and received across Kentucky. Some will welcome gifts that excite them like an engagement ring, a bicycle or a favorite doll. Many will receive gifts that they could probably live without — such as a Chia Pet, a Snuggie or the next "As Seen On TV" item being advertised this season. Some will open gifts they need but do not necessarily want including socks and T-shirts.

Resources for families

Advent is a special time of year that has been set aside by Christians for centuries to prepare for the celebration of our long-awaited Savior, Jesus Christ. Here are some recommended resources that you can use this Advent season:

Clear Creek students learn importance of cooperative giving

Christmas is our reminder from Luke 2 that, through the birth of Christ, the peace that only Christ can give is now available to the entire world. What a wonderful reminder the month of December gives us through the celebration of Christmas!

Clean Water
What America takes for granted is a great need in Africa

When was the last time that you thanked God for a glass of clean water?

'You are mine'
Love shown through Sunrise changes a life

Reuben Watson, a former resident of Spring Meadows Children's Home (now known as Sunrise Spring Meadows Center), shared his story at the Dreams of Hope event at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville.