"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Return to Bethlehem

A high point of 2017 for me was an opportunity to visit Bethlehem. On my first trip to Israel about 20 years ago, my group was not allowed to go to Bethlehem because of ongoing tensions with Palestinian Arabs. Checkpoints for the West Bank still have signs posted warning Israelis that is dangerous to enter there. Even so, I was eager to see Jesusí birthplace on the trip in March led by Kentucky Baptists.

DR's Mickey Caison retires from SBC's 'greatest job'

Think back among the most harrowing disasters in recent U.S. history: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Midwest floods of 1993, the Northridge earthquake and Hurricanes Andrew, Harvey and Irma.

Mission Board hears plans for team merger

The Mission Board of the Kentucky Baptist Convention heard plans to merge the KBC’s Business and Finance team with its Executive Office team and eliminated four staff positions as “belt-tightening” measures during its Dec. 11-12 meeting in Louisville.

God’s plan and God’s time emphasized at mission board

The birth of Christ was among the themes for the December mission board meeting.

Pressler targeted in Texas lawsuit

A lawsuit alleging decades of sexual abuse by retired Texas state judge Paul Pressler has named a Southern Baptist Convention entity among its co-defendants.

Hark! Skipping Christmas carol verses discouraged

Singing only the first verse of familiar carols could leave worshipers spiritually malnourished.