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The power of the gospel in China

While the story of Lottie Moon is well known among Southern Baptists today, there are a host of missionaries to China who came after her. One of those who did a remarkable work — but has largely been forgotten — is Bao Si Ding.

Putting J.O.Y. into Christmas Eve

One of the traditions I enjoyed as a pastor was leading the church in a Christmas Eve worship service. It was similar in every church — sing a few carols, preach a message, share in the Lord's Supper and then the lighting of individual candles. To conclude, we would hold our candles and sing "Silent Night." Just reflecting on this brings back great memories.

Don't miss an opportunity to share Jesus this Christmas

There is much about the incarnation to amaze and confound us. What kind of divine power was required for the One who has no beginning or end to be born? For the Almighty to come as a babe? Why would the King of Kings make His entrance in the lowliest of ways?

Family financial management:
Four stages reflect Christian values, priorities

Family financial management for Christians involves the family doing basic financial planning from a Christian perspective. Basic principles of this process are summarized in four stages listed below. It's important for Christians to make sure each stage reflects our Christian values and priorities.

From the editor

As Dec. 25 approaches, the minds of the multitude will focus on what to give loved ones for Christmas. That prompts us to consider "The Joy of Giving" as our Christmas theme.

5 suggestions for giving this Christmas

How can we give to others, especially as we approach the Christmas season, and live out the joy of giving? Here are five suggestions.