"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Sri Lanka Christian massacre 'shocking in its cruelty'

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka—Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that targeted Christians and killed at least 290 people have prompted calls to prayer by Southern Baptists who work to take the Gospel to South Asian people groups.

Clear Creek bonds span generations & generations

Since 1926, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College has prepared men and women called by God to work in Christian service. I have found when people consider the influence of this small Pineville school across our state, many remark on the impact of individual graduates in our churches and associations. However, Clear Creek's effect on Baptist life goes much further than the actions of a handful of students.

Oneida & Kentucky Baptists are better together

For several years now I have been saying that without Kentucky Baptists there would be no Oneida Baptist Institute. In my heart, I really believe this to be true.

3 ways handling money strengthens our witness

Scripture emphasizes stewardship. Many of Jesus' parables deal either directly or indirectly with stewardship issues. Why is stewardship so important?

The Great Columbus Revival of 1940

Columbus is a small town on the banks of the Mississippi River in far west Kentucky. Yet one of the greatest revivals in Kentucky took place in this Hickman County community.

Imagine that: Versailles Baptist retires $1.6M debt in 24 months

VERSAILLES—Versailles Baptist Church put together a seven-year campaign to erase $1.6 million in debt.

Generous church members needed only 24 months to get the job done.