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Drift: Course correction necessary in our walk with the Lord

In the world of aviation, flying the proper course is extremely important for a pilot to arrive at his correct destination. The aviation analogy regarding being off course can apply to our spiritual lives.

Equipping the saints to defend the faith

Online student Landon Tucker is thankful for Clear Creek and the training he is receiving to equip him for his passion to defend the Christian faith through apologetics.

Safety of campers prompts Crossings to cancel July, but offer new opportunities

On Saturday morning, May 23, our Crossings leadership team and board determined that we should cancel our Crossings Students and Kids Camps at Cedarmore and Jonathan Creek for July.

Which type of investor are you in today's volatile market?

With recent excessive market volatility, I've talked with a number of folks about their retirement investments. I find everyone can generally be categorized into one of three groups. Which group you are in will dramatically affect your approach.

Heroes of the faith: Baptists from the past can be inspiration today

While that is an admonition to avoid repeating failures of the past, it's also good to know history so we can learn from and be encouraged by the successes of the past.

Diligent Discipleship: Pastors, churches face new challenges, new opportunities

Pastor John Doe of First Baptist Church, County Seat, USA was faced with a dilemma when COVID-19 closed his church building and public activities for an indefinite season. He had some skills with technology — but not enough.