"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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After Thought: Disciple-making movement needed to spark baptisms

While the report of an evangelism task force, presented by Adam Greenway, of Southern Seminary, appeared to draw more fanfare in Dallas, the recommendations for church leaders offered by a disciple-making task force—on which two Kentuckians served—address the other side of the baptism coin. Evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand.

Finding a home for Sam

Sam came to Sunrise's Spring Meadows Center last June, struggling with family trauma. His biological father's rights were terminated due to long-term abuse that was inflicted on Sam, his sisters, and his mother. Sam's biological mother was unresponsive to his phone calls, and Sam was not allowed contact with his sisters who were in a foster home.

Ky. Baptist Foundation: Safeguarding my records

During our seminars on estate and legacy planning we are frequently asked the question, "Where should I store my will and other important estate-planning documents?" Great question! If a will cannot be found, an estate may risk being distributed according to the often-inflexible intestacy rules of state government.

Clear Creek Chronicle: Graduation memories
Part II

I know you will enjoy reading some more favorite memories from our recent graduates. Please continue to pray for them as they transition to new seasons of ministry in many different places.

This is Oneida: More thoughts from the Class of 2018

Male student from Nigeria: "I absolutely enjoyed my time here at Oneida. It was a real eye-opener in which I made lifetime friends and was showered with love and grace by wonderful staff members. I'm grateful for everything I experienced here, as it helped me grow physically, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually."

Frankfort pastor named Southern theology dean

LOUISVILLE—Longtime pastor and New Testament scholar Hershael York will become the new dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's school of theology, effective Aug. 1, succeeding Gregory Wills, who is completing a five-year term.

Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr., made making the announcement at the alumni and friends luncheon during the SBC annual meeting in Dallas.