"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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The greatest adoption story ever told
The story of Jesus has been touted as the greatest story ever told. If this is most certainly true, then the birth of Jesus can be described as the greatest adoption story ever told.

Clear Creek Chronicle: Ministry partners

Have you ever wondered how you can partner with Clear Creek Baptist Bible College?

22 students with Kentucky ties graduate from Southern
LOUISVILLE—Twenty-two master's and doctoral students from Kentucky received their degrees as members of a 211-person graduating class during Southern Seminary's 220th commencement exercises. Dec. 8.

This is Oneida: Leaving the nest

My oldest son now has his driving permit. It is hard for me to believe he is old enough to drive, but time presses on. Since getting his permit, we have spent a little time out on the roads of our mountainous region. At times I am a bit jumpy while Trey is driving, but I am reminded that I, too, learned to drive on these roads. If you misjudge a turn in these hills, you could find yourself down an embankment and in a creek or river, but if you can handle the roads of southeastern Kentucky, I would think you could handle driving just about anywhere.

Prayer emphasis opens 2018 for Southern Baptists

NASHVILLE—The month-long prayer emphasis "In All Things Pray" opens 2018 on the Southern Baptist Convention calendar, encouraging churches to pray corporately for 60 minutes at least weekly in January.

Herod, Joseph, you & me

There was a reason why the whole city of Bethlehem went into panic after Jesus' birth: Herod was displeased, for he was insanely suspicious. If anyone was suspected to be a rival to his power, that person was eliminated.Herod was around 70 years old at this time, and yet was so drunk on his need for power and control that he was willing to commit genocide because of one baby based on an obscure prophecy from a religion that he himself did not even believe in.