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George Liele: Born-again beauty out of the ashes

By God's grace, Liele, according to Gerald H. Anderson, "preached, baptized hundreds and organized them into congregations governed by a church covenant he adapted to the Jamaican context … his efforts had produced, either directly or indirectly, some 8,000 Baptists in Jamaica." No matter how bad the beginning the gospel will create beauty out of the ashes.

Sunrise desire: Show new day, new life is possible

But like the women arriving at Jesus' tomb, some of these kids may have given up hope that anything would ever change. Our desire at Sunrise is to show these kids that through God's Spirit, a new day and a new life is possible. We are led by scripture to do so.

Burden for Gen Z fuels Crossings ministry

Twenty-two years ago, about two years prior to the launch of Crossings at the Creek, God began to give us a clear vision of what He wanted to do through our Kentucky Baptist camp and conference centers.

WorldCrafts offers physical, eternal hope

Did you know that WMU is a supporter of fair trade? Through the ministry of WorldCrafts, WMU develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. As impoverished and exploited people earn a living wage, they come to understand their own value and worth.

Vision 2025
A call to reach every person for Christ

Vision 2025 is not simply a slogan or rallying cry. It's a path forward to help us reimagine a new future together of reaching the world for Jesus Christ — every person, every town, every city, every state and every nation.

Hunting for truth
Puzzle helps reveal true meaning of Easter

As one 11-year-old girl was writing her message, she didn't know the word "Jesus." She had heard the word Jesus, but had never seen the name of Jesus written.