"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Even if just for a short time

As the president of Oneida Baptist Institute, I spend much of my time interacting with adults and many days find myself having limited interaction with our students. Sometimes I have to be very intentional about spending time with our young people and my spirits are almost always lifted after doing so.

From the cockpit to the pulpit

Since he was a little boy, Jim Ewing had known he wanted to be an Air Force pilot.

It was a passion that drove him as a teenager to make the best grades possible in hopes of getting into the Air Force Academy —an ambition that he would achieve.

How to reach people no one else is reaching

"To reach people no one else is reaching you have to do things no one else is doing." This mantra has been quoted over and over by church planters and is being lived out by Darrin Miller and the members of Riverwoods Baptist Church in Benton and Murray, Ky.

Well working

Loving people sometimes means stepping back and letting them find solutions to their own problems. This is the kind of empowerment that BGR partners strive to give people through the projects you support.

Greenway desires 'movement of God' on Seminary Hill

FORT WORTH, Texas—Adam W. Greenway, the newly elected president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, says his passion and priority as president is "to serve pastors and to serve churches, to equip the next generation of pastors and missionaries and evangelists and church staff members, to see a more faithful ministry everywhere."