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Veterans Day: Iraq war veteran planting church in Washington state

Michael Johnson learned a million little things in the U.S. Army. He learned to make his bed Army-style. He learned to march in the Army band. He learned to shoot an M-16 rifle and throw a grenade.

But maybe the most important lessons he learned during close to a decade as a soldier had nothing to do with combat. He learned how to be a leader and how to look at everyday life as a mission field.

Mathis to receive state CP award

An evangelist who has preached in more Kentucky Baptist churches than anyone alive will receive the KBC's Cooperative Program Leadership Award at the Nov. 11 annual meeting in Bowling Green.

A longtime pastor, associational moderator and two-time president of the state convention, Don Mathis is staff evangelist at that city's Eastwood Baptist Church. His pastor, Tom James, is this year's only announced presidential candidate.

2014 Report of the KBC Committee on Nominations

Ky. Baptist missionary hired for UofL campus

A Kentucky Baptist with broad ministerial experience will be the new campus missionary at the University of Louisville.

The Kentucky Baptist Convention's administrative committee has unanimously voted to hire Paul Sanchez, senior pastor at Willow Baptist Church in Brooksville. He began his new duties Nov. 1.

Calvary honors pastors for 50 years of ministry

Nearly 50 years have passed since Bob Martin faced an intense ordination examination at Calvary Baptist Church, with the questioning lasting all afternoon.

At the end, the day's speaker (O.G. Lawless) cut his sermon short, saying, "If you haven't heard the gospel in the past three hours, I don't think I can add anything to it."

'Pastor Bob' retires from Sebree after 35 years

For Bob Hardison, it's time to relax, but not if the Lord has other plans.

Hardison has served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Sebree for 35 years, beginning his ministry in 1979. He stepped down this past Sunday. It was a decision that Hardison and his wife, Violet, came to together.