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'Bringing God to soldiers and soldiers to God'

For Army chaplain Derrick Riggs, war hits very close to home.

Does popular 'it's a God thing' phrase reveal troubling theology?

One minister says the phrase should be applied to tragic events, not just good ones. Another suggests it shouldn't be used at all, and Christians instead should focus on how they respond to life.

Magna Carta 800th anniversary rich with relevance

June 15 marks the 800th anniversary of King John's seal on the Magna Carta, one of the most significant documents in the history of democracy.

Obama's comments on poverty disappointing

President Obama's suggestion that evangelicals often devote more resources to fighting abortion than caring for the poor reflects ignorance concerning denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention, Frank Page said on a national radio broadcast.

Mountains to the Mississippi
New pastors, concerts, memorials and more.

Cumberlands confers 815 degrees
On May 9, University of the Cumberlands conferred 815 degrees during its commencement ceremony: 227 bachelor's degrees, 540 master's degrees and 18 doctorate degrees.