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Kentucky Baptists Bikers: Motorcycle enthusiasts with evangelistic purpose
Kentucky Baptists with a fondness for motorcycles are needed to help form a new evangelistic outreach geared toward fellow bikers.

Boyce graduate changing lives one sandwich at a time
Barry Washington sees West End restaurant as a platform for ministry

The sign outside the building says Barry's Cheese Steaks—a restaurant in Louisville—but the employees and managers leaving their stations to pray with customers indicate that customers find more than a steaming hot sandwich at the West End eatery.

Seminary to serve Louisville in third annual '1937 Project'

The seminary community will honor the role that Southern Baptist Theological Seminary played in the city's recovery during the 1937 Great Flood by serving Louisville in its third annual 1937 Project, April 18.

Baptists credited with defeating marijuana push

Kentucky Baptists won a major legislative victory by helping to defeat a measure in the General Assembly that would have legalized marijuana.

Where was Jesus tried?

The trial of Jesus Christ before the Roman governor Pontius Pilate is the most famous trial in human history. One of its most fascinating aspects remains somewhat of a mystery: Where was it held in Jerusalem?

Marriage & Family's Gary Smalley dies
Gary Smalley, 75, a self-effacing yet prolific author and auditorium-packing speaker on "Marriage and the Family," died March 6 in Branson, Mo.