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57 Kentucky county clerks ask governor for special session on same-sex marriage licenses

Fifty-seven of Kentucky's 120 county clerks asked Gov. Steve Beshear in a letter Wednesday to call a special legislative session to address same-sex marriage licenses.

Beshear meets with county clerk about same-sex marriage licenses
Gov. Steve Beshear met today with Casey Davis, the Casey County clerk, about issuing marriage licenses to sex-same couples.

Same-sex marriage foes far outnumber proponents at dueling courthouse rallies

The turnout was lopsided Wednesday morning as two competing groups gathered outside the Whitley County Courthouse to either support or protest Whitley County Clerk Kay Schwartz's decision not to order new marriage license forms that could be issued to same-sex couples wishing to marry.

About 15 people turned out for the Whitley County Marriage Equality Rally to protest Schwartz's actions compared to about 300 that turned out at a rally supporting her.

Supporters rally for county clerk

Casey County Court Clerk Casey Davis, one of two clerks in the commonwealth not issuing marriage licenses, met with supporters Monday outside the old Courthouse in Liberty.

Clay judge-executive says no to all weddings
Clay County Judge-Executive Joe Asher released a statement Monday that he would not perform any marriages "till further notice."

Two Baptist colleges ask Supreme Court for protection from mandate

A lower court ruled the schools' free exercise of religion is not substantially burdened by a requirement they opt out of emergency contraceptive coverage and shift responsibility to a third-party provider.