"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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How a Kentucky Baptist partnership made a dent in global hunger

Partnerships are making it possible to solve sticky problems like famine relief in Africa.

'Remarkable' number of women reported at SBC seminaries

A remarkable number of young women” are enrolling at Southern Baptist Convention seminaries, according to a report delivered to the SBC Executive Committee.

Chitwood: Annual Family Reunion

>The annual “KBC family reunion” is a time of celebration when the people known as Kentucky Baptists will offer praise and thanksgiving for the ways God has chosen to use us this year. And we have plenty to celebrate!

Ministering to families of special needs individuals

According to Kentucky data, identification of school children with special needs, the percent of population ages 3-5 is 10.2 percent; ages 6-21 is 8.8 percent.

Cooperative Program: A matter of love

Can I honestly say that I love the Cooperative Program? After 50-plus years as a Southern Baptist, my answer is yes.

Lessons from a generous widow

Both within the pulpit and outside of it, we must shun worldliness for the glory of God, the message of the gospel and the members whose freewill offerings pay our salaries.