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Leading by example in personal evangelism

There are over 1.7 million homes in Kentucky and over 4.5 million people. Every home and every person in those homes needs the gospel. None of us can reach every home by ourselves, but together we can.

Healthy Lifestyle
How to eat healthy without dieting

These tips come from tried and true nutritional research. They are things I learned years ago that have stood the test of time, unlike many of the nutrition trends that come and go so often.

Powerful example
God uses murky waters to help atheist respond to gospel message

"What did those girls have that he did not?" Finally at two o'clock in the morning, the atheist remembered the gospel message Grime had shared earlier. He fell to his knees, confessed his sins and trusted in Christ for salvation.

Clear Creek student is thankful for transforming power of Christ

The power that new life in Christ brings is evident all over our campus. We see it through our students who have been born again by the transforming power of Christ and are now ready to be equipped to serve Him in many different ways.

Charitable IRA gifts advantageous from tax perspective

Under the SECURE Act, the charitable IRA rollover, or QCD, remains a terrific way to make a tax-free gift to your church and Baptist ministries using your traditional IRA.

This is Oneida
Easter - proclaim the good news

As you celebrate this Easter, I would encourage you to make Christ preeminent in all things in your homes, places of work and everything you do. I would also ask that you take a moment and pray for our young people who don't know Christ, and that they would come to know Him before leaving us.