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'Love the Grind:' Calapari quote becomes Allen church's theme

An Eastern Kentucky church is taking a page out of University of Kentucky's Coach John Calipari's book. Members of the growing congregation of Allen Baptist Church have adopted as their theme, "Love the Grind," a phrase borrowed from "Players First."

'Ride & Shine' bikers raise $4,100 for Sunrise

More than 100 riders in all participated in the second annual "Ride & Shine" bike rally on June 7 to benefit Sunrise Children's Services.

WMU leader: 'Kids deserve better than garbage bags'
Foster kids deserve better than carrying their belongings in plastic bags, said a women's missions leader.

Bob Downs Invitational partners with Habitat for Humanity for Baptist house

Five years ago, the Habitat for Humanity "Baptist House" was in jeopardy. But a new partnership is turning that around.

Smith to be nominated for KBC president

Kevin Smith, teaching pastor of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, will be nominated as president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention when the KBC annual meeting convenes Nov. 10 in Elizabethtown.

Daviess-McLean DOM to be nominated as KBC president

Jerry Tooley, first vice president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, will be nominated for KBC president when Kentucky Baptists gather at Elizabethtown's Severns Val-ley Baptist Church on Nov. 10.