"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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EDITORIAL: Praying through scripture remedies boredom

Our prayer lives are boring because we pray about the same old things.

Platt says cutting 600-800 IMB staff won't impact Gospel advance

A reduction of 600-800 International Mission Board staff and field personnel should not decrease the board's Gospel impact worldwide, IMB President David Platt told members of the media during an Aug. 27 conference call.

IMB announces deep cuts in effort to balance budget
International Mission Board leaders have outlined a plan to address IMB's revenue shortfalls and complete a reset of the organization in order to move forward into the future with "innovative vision, wise stewardship and high accountability."

Stand off continues over marriage licenses

A familiar scene repeated itself at a rural Kentucky courthouse: a gay couple marched into the clerk's office, requested a marriage license and insisted that a mounting pile of court orders proves they are entitled to one.

4 tips for fighting fear over stock market drop

Monday's (Aug. 24) stock market drop, on the heels of disappointing performance over the last few days, led to headlines and some investor concerns. But long-term investors should continue to consider their objectives and time horizons, advises an investment strategist.

Baptist leaders respond to Ashley Madison news

With the potential affairs of millions exposed by a hack of the adultery-facilitating Ashley Madison website, Southern Baptist leaders have offered counsel to affected families, churches and individuals.