"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Sunrise commemorates two important months, looks to the future with hope
In April, we commemorate Child Abuse Awareness Month, followed by National Foster Care Month in May.

4 reasons an estate plan is beneficial

The need for estate planning applies to everyone.

CLEAR CREEK: A total learning experience

"I have learned so much already during my short time here at Clear Creek. God has shown me much more outside of the classroom than I had expected. I've had so many godly conversations with other students and with professors and staff members that I honestly had not expected. My eyes have already been opened to issues in my life that I was unaware of as well as a wealth of theological knowledge and understanding that abides on this campus."

It’s probably a myth: 'I'll Only Need 70-80% of My Pre-Retirement Income When I Retire'

For many years, financial advisors and financial publications would use the oversimplified rule-of-thumb that one should target 80 percent of their pre-retirement income when they retire. While that guideline served a purpose for some, for most people it gave a false sense of security.

Louisville church, Boyce college team up to 'invest' in educators

Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, in cooperation with Boyce College (at Southern Seminary), hosted the first Invest Conference on March 25. Around 40 Louisville educators and future educators attended.

When foster kids come to church

When God prompts someone in your church to foster a child, how will your church respond?