"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Church's roll purge incites media 'circus'

CAVE CITY—Kentucky Baptists are defending a church slammed in secular media outlets over its practice of church discipline.

Sunrise: Lori finds success at Sunrise's Morehead Center

Lori* came to Sunrise's Morehead Center from a psychiatric hospital where she was admitted due to a self-harming incident. She needed assistance dealing with her defiant and oppositional behaviors, depression, self-harm substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Lori had suffered from neglect and witnessed parental substance abuse in the home. She would have temper tantrums and refused to follow rules and had some minor aggression toward her sister.

EBO at Work: Working with Kentucky Changers

Summers are busy for EBO! Through a variety of ministries, the Eliza Broadus Offering is making an impact. Thank you for giving and praying!

Clear Creek Chronicle: Graduates follow call to church plant

According to government census numbers and the Annual Church Profiles collected by NAMB in 2014, there is one Southern Baptist Church to every 1,707 people in Kentucky. In the South overall, the average is one SBC church to every 2,697 people.

This is Oneida: Acceptance and belonging

The distillation of 25 years or so after attending Oneida has left the indelible imprint of God's grace on my life. The memories of Oneida school days passed too soon are one thing, but the impact of God's ministry in Clay County, Ky., is something completely unique. Dr. Barkley Moore's voice still resonates within my breast as he emphatically stated, "You're an Oneida boy!" It meant something great then, and it means something wonderful now.

REACHing Kentucky: Palen
Reaching the lost in Smith Mills

Where is Smith Mills and what does it mean to reach the lost? Smith Mills is a rural community in Henderson County, Ky. with a population of around 218 people. The town's population changed recently when Pastor Zach Palen accepted the call to be pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and moved into the rural farm community along with his wife Renea and their three children. But what does it mean to reach the lost?