"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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China bombs megachurch in drive to silence Christianity

SHANXI, China—The bombing demolition of a megachurch in China is indicative of a rush to silence Christianity under new laws that will heighten religious persecution, according to human rights group ChinaAid.

Identifying abusive men

How do I know if a man is being abusive? I'm worried about my mother who is widowed and has started dating someone. At times he can be charming, but there is something about him that makes me very uneasy.

Hawaii missile alert spurred witness, goodbyes to family

Tanya York, a Kentucky pastor's wife vacationing in Hawaii, texted a potential goodbye message to her sons and their families after she received what proved to be a false ballistic missile alert.

Replacing storms of abuse with showers of love

One of the current events we'll likely remember from 2017 is the devastating hurricanes that ravaged Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Many felt the impact of these storms, and our prayers continue to go out to these families as they recover and rebuild their lives. But to be quite honest, we have children in this state who are enduring hurricane-like trauma every day, in their own homes. For a moment, they might experience some relief in the "eye of the storm", but soon the winds of abuse and neglect come raging back, and their lives are overwhelmed by suffering and chaos.

Remembering MLK: BP's Q&A with key Southern Baptists

When Baptist Press queried a handful of Southern Baptists, including race relations trailblazers, about the life and work of King, responses painted a microcosm of African American life in the 1960s. BP asked the same questions of everyone interviewed: A) Where were you when King was assassinated? B) How did his death impact you? C) What would you like Americans to remember of King and his work?