"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Kentucky Baptist Foundation: Your estate-planning team

Who needs to be part of your estate planning team?

10 rules of debt management

Debt can be a valuable tool, but if not handled properly, it can become a major problem.

Are you & your kids caught up in the self-esteem revolution?

Today's children think it's all about them. They are overly confident and tend to overestimate their own abilities. They don't hesitate to argue with parents, teachers and other adults about anything and everything.

Minister's Retreat Cottages

Clear Creek has designated two Ministers Retreat Cottages on our campus for ministers and their families to enjoy at no cost to them.

Reaching our Judea

Every cooperative missions dollar represents the investment a large church makes in small churches, or a small church taking advantage of the opportunity to partner with larger churches.

Notes from the Back Row: Basketball and Civility and Humility

There is always a place for civility and humility, whether in basketball or life or even in the Kentucky Baptist Convention.