"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Smith to be nominated for KBC president

Kevin Smith, teaching pastor of Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, will be nominated as president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention when the KBC annual meeting convenes Nov. 10 in Elizabethtown.

Daviess-McLean DOM to be nominated as KBC president

Jerry Tooley, first vice president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, will be nominated for KBC president when Kentucky Baptists gather at Elizabethtown's Severns Val-ley Baptist Church on Nov. 10.

Soon-to-be college freshman fights human trafficking

Lily Murphy, who attends Sojourn Community Church's Midtown campus in Louisville, took a year off after graduation from Christian Academy in Louisville to "join the frontlines of missions."

Looming senior adult revolution to impact nation

Some call it the graying of America, but that is too gentle a term for what lies ahead.

'Bringing God to soldiers and soldiers to God'

For Army chaplain Derrick Riggs, war hits very close to home.

Does popular 'it's a God thing' phrase reveal troubling theology?

One minister says the phrase should be applied to tragic events, not just good ones. Another suggests it shouldn't be used at all, and Christians instead should focus on how they respond to life.