"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Students hear gospel while learning to serve others

Approximately 400 children from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky had their feet washed, had new shoes and socks placed on them, and received backpacks from about 700 volunteers at the University of the Cumberlands on Aug. 25. Around 450 of the volunteers were incoming freshman.

ONEIDA: New students for a new year

Please pray for all of our students and especially the brand new students who are beginning their journey with us.

ANALYSIS: Smartphone hazards and adolescents

Researcher Jean Twenge has written an article in the Atlantic that is rightfully getting a great deal of attention. She asked the question: “Have smartphones destroyed a generation?”

FIRST PERSON: When we complain

Despite the trials going on in our country or the severity of the headlines, we as Christian Americans live a relatively easy life, especially compared to our brothers and sisters in Christ who live abroad.

Another MYTH: Retirement is All About the Money

People need to set goals for their retirement years that will provide fulfillment. For many Christians that means doing volunteer work or mission trips. For some it is educational opportunities or extensive travel. For others it involves valuable time with family or friends.  With those goals in mind, the financial goals are set in order to achieve the fulfillment goals.

FAMILY FORUM: Dealing with abuse
How can I help teens who might be abused?