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4 steps to begin estate planning process

When working with individuals seeking guidance from the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, we are often asked for suggestions on how best to begin a person's estate planning process. We suggest using the following four steps as a framework for organizing your thoughts.

Vision for school comes to fruition

Vision, both literally and figuratively, is a gift from God. Have you ever wondered why the Lord gives visions and/or reveals Himself in that way to some and not others? I certainly have, and I can tell you that I have only had two distinct times in my life when the Lord gave me a clear vision of something.

Reaching today's teenagers is major challenge

Understanding 12- to 17-year-olds and addressing the challenges that exist in engaging them with the gospel are the first steps that must be taken if Kentucky Baptists desire to shift the negative trends in reaching, baptizing and discipling Generation Z teenagers.

Sunrise helps teeangers find purpose, calling, faith

In 2019, we celebrated 39 professions of faith and 24 baptisms. From January-March 2020, we have already reported five professions of faith and five baptisms.

Lord, do it again
Vision 1930 brought astonishing results for the kingdom

At the 1929 annual meeting of the Blood River Baptist Association, Taylor proposed a plan that today might be called "Vision 1930." The association would employ men to contact every home in Calloway and Marshall counties.

Personal budgeting reminders

You may call it a "spending plan" or a "financial guide." Whatever term you use, personal budgeting is an important component of financial success and one that's not difficult to implement.