"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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ONEIDA: Defining moments

Would you be the one to tell some family or young person about this little, yet amazing place called Oneida?

Missionary superheroes: They're not a real thing

Turns out that missionaries are people, too.

Handling church finances with integrity

Unfortunately, experience teaches that at some point, most churches must deal with some sticky questions regarding the handling of church finances. Sometimes nothing wrong has been done but the mere suspicion of wrongdoing permanently damages the reputation of leaders.

REACHing Kentucky Internationals living with Americans

The original meaning of hospitality is “to love the stranger.” A stranger is one who travels into a land that’s not his own. With both the biblical (Acts 17:26,27) and experiential evidence of knowing that God has brought the nations into our homeland as strangers, we have a great opportunity.

How can Kentucky churches minister to grandparents rearing grandchildren?

Experts blame the high number of “orphans” on the growing use and abuse of heroin.

Life insurance: Ways to give

Do you still need that life insurance policy?