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Power of prayer comes under tent for these Ky. Baptists

GEORGETOWN—Several devout members of Gano Baptist Church are taking prayer into their community.

For the past year, on the second Saturday of every month, they set up tents in the middle of downtown Georgetown and make themselves available to pray.

SBC: Giving increases while baptisms continue decline

NASHVILLE—Southern Baptist congregations saw an increase of more than $82 million in overall giving in 2018, according to the latest Annual Church Profile (ACP) report. However, other key metrics declined slightly in 2018, including baptisms, membership, average worship attendance and total number of Southern Baptist churches.

Thinking about history
The 5 C's of "What Does It Mean to Think Historically"

I pray that each of us will utilize these five C's as guardrails for discussing American history in general and Southern Baptist history. Remember, there is a difference between the past and history. The past is a record of events that occurred yesterday whereas history constructs past events in a meaningful and truthful way to correct false perceptions and shortsighted claims in contemporary culture.

Living Legacy of Truth
Immanuel Baptist dedicates historical marker

LOUISVILLE—Don't let the historic marker in the yard of the Immanuel Baptist Church property fool you. This rejuvenated congregation is anything but a relic of the past as more than 700 people gather weekly for prayer, praise and the preaching of God's Word.

Catching up with a Clear Creek alumnus

One of the hardest things about serving at Clear Creek is developing close relationships with students while they are here and then sending them off to another ministry calling when they graduate. We are always pleased when we get to hear from our alumni who have transitioned to another ministry setting and they give us an update on how they are doing and how much they appreciated their time at Clear Creek.

Six basic truths about investing

What is an investment? It is when you put your money to work for you. Savings accounts and CDs are generally safer; however, their return is usually less. An investment will have increased risk and volatility—but will generally provide increased earnings. You need both—savings and investments.