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Crossings camp offers students international missions experience without leaving the U.S.

Crossings camps at Cedarmore and Jonathan Creek attract thousands of kids and students every summer, but another Crossings camp has the goal of providing an international missions experience without leaving the U.S. 

We cannot divorce the truth from love

As we think about "loving one another," we cannot divorce the truth from love. We may be tempted to believe that a rebuke or a correction is not an act of love when it really is. 

This is Oneida
Oneida President Barkley Moore ... amazing example of 'loving one another'

What initially was thought would be an interim term, became more than 21 years of service to God and ministry to youth, into which he poured much sweat and tears. His impact remains in this place to this day, those who knew him simply cannot deny it.

Estate plan may not be glamorous gift, but it's a valuable one

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation is honored to work with individuals seeking how best to organize their estate planning goals to achieve their personal and charitable objectives, to support their families, their church and other Baptist causes.

REACH conference goal: equip people to share the gospel

Many conferences provide helpful information, but organizers of the REACH Evangelism Conference want more for Kentucky Baptist pastors and church leaders to want more.

Amazing grace illustrated in times of disaster

In times of disaster, Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers illustrate the grace of Christ by offering unmerited help and kindness to those devastated by the ravaging loss of a disaster.