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Abuse aftercare resource available for churches

NASHVILLE—As more stories of sexual abuse involving evangelical churches and pastors—including the Southern Baptist Convention—come to light, SBC leaders have recognized the need to be responsive and educated in caring for those within their ministries who disclose abuse experiences.

Dr. Lincoln Bingham
Legendary Leader

LOUISVILLE—Dr. Lincoln Bingham has officially retired from the pastorate at St. Paul Baptist Church at Shively Heights, but you will still find him in the pulpit there and in the office most every day during the week. At age 87, he serves as the interim at St. Paul—the church that made national news in 2009 when an African American church (St. Paul Missionary Baptist) merged with an all-white church (Shively Heights Baptist).

From the Editor

"Going the distance" is a phrase commonly associated with sporting events, describing someone who never gives up, who may have obstacles to overcome in reaching a goal. We admire people who go the distance. My first remembrance of that expression came during my Little League baseball days when I listened to Dizzy Dean broadcast Major League Baseball games. He would refer to a pitcher who "went the distance," meaning the pitcher hurled a complete game— went all nine innings to get the win.

Lincoln Bingham
A Healthy Model in Hard Times

My primary concern for racial reconciliation will always be threefold: missiological imperative, eschatological vision and spiritual friendship as a means of grace.

A strong finish to the CP giving year

Each year the Kentucky Baptist Convention depends on the generosity of partnering churches for the resources needed to accomplish its work. The church's generosity is extended through their Cooperative Program offering given to the KBC to help not only work in Kentucky, but the many works of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pastor, missionary Harold Cathey, 'mighty man of God,' dies at 82

ASHLAND—Harold Cathey, whose more than 50-year career in the ministry included being a Kentucky Baptist pastor, a missionary to Uganda and an associational administrator, was being remembered by community Christian leaders.