"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: Reaching Canada's largest city where immigrants outnumber nationals

TORONTO, Ontario—"Everyone is welcome!" That is the motto of Fellowship Church Rogue Park located in Toronto's East End. This multiethnic, multigenerational church plant rents space in a local Catholic school on Sunday mornings and hosts events throughout the week. Strategically launched near an area known for gang violence, the ministry is led by church planting missionary, Kesavan Balasingham and his wife, Viji, both immigrants to Canada who found new life here.

Baby boomer generation has much to give, much to celebrate

SOMERSET—Baby-boomers have more time and energy than any generation before them to share the gospel and reach the lost, said a Kentucky Baptist missions leader.

Being a deacon, one of toughest jobs in church

Southern Baptist deacons are the greeters and the comforters. The fixers and the tough decision makers. And above all, deacons are expected to be Christ-like as they help the church grow and carry out its mission to share the gospel.

At UCLA, Mohler tackles 'Ask Anything' questions

LOS ANGELES—One UCLA student asked about the Christian understanding of gender and transgenderism. Another asked Albert Mohler Jr. why God allows "80 percent" of the world's population to spend eternity in hell. Yet another student asked about Christians participating in stem cell research and therapies.

Western Kentucky conference highlights presence and power of the Spirit

PRINCETON—The church today needs the presence of God more than they need anything else, Ronnie Sivells, pastor of Blue Spring Baptist Church in Princeton and former pastor at Southside Baptist Church, the host site of the West Kentucky Evangelism Conference, said.

Ky. Baptist Foundation: Sources of charity

Suppose a person has a total estate of $1 million but only $200,000 of it is governed by his will. If he includes in his will a charitable bequest of 10 percent of his residual estate, the charity would receive no more than $20,000, which may be far less than he intended.