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This is Oneida
God's miraculous works seen in 120-year history

The work of Oneida is God's work and His love for it and us is evidenced by His miraculous works throughout the past 120 years.

Joy to the world
Let's tell others about Jesus and His love

Beginning with the shepherds (Luke 2:8-20), we see people who have heard about Jesus' birth, went to see Him, were changed forever and had to tell others about Him.

You can be an annual giver indefinitely

During this special time of the year, we celebrate the love God lavished on us through the gift of the Christ child. Christians, inspired to share this eternal story of good news, give of their time, energy and finances to carry this Christmas message to all the nations.

Table Talk
How to incorporate your faith into Christmas celebrations

Perhaps the most anticipated season of the year is now upon us! Our cars and coat closets are stuffed with wrapping paper, purchased gifts, décor and festive food. We are ready for another year of memories and cheer. But how often do we pause our plans to ponder how we can share the gospel this season?

5 areas of awareness to watch for during the Christmas season

Pastors and staff members are responsible for ministering to the sheep they shepherd — that is, to give care when care is needed or to make sure care is given through the church body. Surprisingly, this is especially true during the Christmas season.

Have yourself a merry 'Who's Your One?' Christmas

Churches who are intentionally evangelistic in this season will find significant gospel-sharing ministry opportunities among the hurting and those searching for purpose and meaning.