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God is doing a 'nu thang'

What comes to mind when you think of "God doing a new thing?" As a teen in the 90s, I can say that the first thing that comes to mind is the DC Talk song entitled Nu Thang.

Sunrise has always been about new beginnings

For Sunrise Children's Services, helping to create new beginnings for children and families has always been a part of our ministry. While some things have changed, there are some things that have remained the same.

What is the destination for your assets?

Scripture and life experiences teach that there are important differences between capital and income.

Clear Creek: New beginnings that last a lifetime

Every year at this time, we are welcoming a group of individuals to Clear Creek who are experiencing new beginnings in many ways as they begin their time as students here. For some, it is a new beginning—starting back to school after decades being out of school. For others, it is a new beginning—being away from home for the first time, or being far away from family for the first time.

New beginnings in an African village

Across the street and across the sea, people need reconciling to God. They need a new beginning that comes through faith in Jesus alone. Will you take the good news of Jesus across the street and across the sea so that lives will be made new in Christ?

Youth experience significant spiritual milestones at camp

Crossings is a special place for students. It's a place of new beginnings where thousands of students have placed their faith in Christ and crossed over from death to life.