"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Kentucky WMU: Helping Kentucky Associations

Associational Emphasis Week is observed each year in May. The Eliza Broadus Offering is helping Kentucky Baptist associations do a variety of missions work. We have already received two reports from the $500 grant given to each association in February.

Thoughts from a 25-year OBI servant

Why am I an assistant principal?

FIRST PERSON: When things don't go as planned
Try as I might, some things just don’t go quite like I’ve planned. You probably have had things go awry as well.

Perpetuate your tithe

Tithing is part of our Christian stewardship responsibilities. It is a discipline practiced by many all of their lives, and it is vital to the continued viability of the programs and ministries of our churches.

Pushing back against the grain

If we want our relationships to be different, then we must push back against our culture.

CLEAR CREEK: Bi-vocational pastor thankful for opportunity to study
Bruce Harrison is one of our online students who just completed a certificate in Bible. He is a bi-vocational pastor and is thankful for the opportunity our online classes provided for him to study.