"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Kelly Autism Program, Sunrise build partnership

The specific challenge for Sunrise and the Kelly Autism Program (KAP) was to equip a young autistic adult with the tools needed to successfully transition to independent living. KAP had years of experience in working with ASD individuals. Sunrise had a proven transition program in VentureON for young adults who had aged out of foster care.

EBO at Work: EBO evident through WMU meeting

The work of the Eliza Broadus Offering was evident in the recent Kentucky WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting, April 6-7 at Buck Run Baptist Church.

This is Oneida: Hospitality away from home

During our regularly scheduled breaks, we often work to help our international students find somewhere to stay. We keep our dormitories open during the short Thanksgiving break, but require all of our boarding students to leave our dormitories for the other three scheduled breaks. Most of our international students have family or friends somewhere in the United States that they can visit during these breaks, and a few will fly back overseas to be home during the breaks. However, there are always a few whom we place in the homes of our faculty and staff.

Clear Creek Chronicle: Prison ministry is his passion

Pastoral ministry can take on many forms and for Dr. Aaron Mobley that form has been prison chaplaincy. Mobley graduated from Clear Creek in 2002 after commuting from Manchester, and he followed that degree with a Master of Arts, a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry.

Boto names LifeWay's Draper as SBC Executive Committee ambassador

NASHVILLE—Jimmy Draper, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and president emeritus of LifeWay Christian Resources, has been named "EC Ambassador" by August Boto, interim president of the SBC Executive Committee.

National CP 4.9% ahead of mid-year mark

NASHVILLE—Year-to-date contributions to Southern Baptist national and international missions and ministries received by the SBC Executive Committee are 4.9 percent above the year-to-date SBC Cooperative Program Allocation Budget projection, and 2.4 percent above contributions received during the same time frame last year, according to a news release from August Boto, executive vice president of the SBC Executive Committee.