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Will you 'hold the rope' for missionaries?

We need people who will climb into the pit, but also people who will hold the rope for them. There are many ways we can be rope holders as Kentucky Baptists. Our giving and our praying are two vital ways in which we hold the rope for our missionaries.

How long can you hold your breath?

Do we seek God for discernment in any and all decisions of our lives? Jesus relied on the communion with His Father to sustain Him through life. How about you? Are you holding your breath or praying to sustain life? 

This is Oneida
Prayer has been critical element to Oneida's success

God's sustaining grace is the reason for the longevity of Oneida Baptist Institute, and the Lord has used many people to continue what our founder, James Anderson Burns, began 120 years ago. 

Christian stewardship
A discipline that is learned and lived

Oikonomia means the act of managing what belongs to another person. A person is not born with this knowledge of stewardship, it has to be learned from other wise, mature Christians.

6 ways to pray for missionaries

Since Adoniram Judson, America's first Baptist missionary, multitudes of faithful servants have carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, with the prayers and support of churches back home being critical to their ministry. 

Evangelism through fishing
Teaching a skill opens door to share the gospel

Coming from a background of serving as a pastor myself, I know that one continuous prayer for a pastor is to reach people wherever God has planted us.