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Hidden in plain sight
Handcrafted signs an effective witnessing tool for man who was overlooked as he worked in churches

Wherever 89-year-old Leo Hernandez goes, you can be certain he carries something in his hands to use as a tool to share the gospel. Most times it is a handmade 3D piece of art, often called a stereogram.

Who is the 'Lazarus at your door?'

Sometimes I am a little slow to figure things out, but it didn’t take much for the Holy Spirit to remind me that I had prayed less than an hour earlier about the “Lazarus at my door” and here was a young man, literally at my door.

Love God, love people, make disciples
A strategy for harvesting souls...

We all have fears keeping us from doing the work of an evangelist. Prayerfully, this strategy will help us do more than make decisions. We will make disciples.

Have a mentor, a mindset and a method

As a pastor, I have attempted to use his transformational truths to model, train and encourage those under my leadership in the sharing of one’s faith. I use multiple approaches in evangelism, but often center them around God’s love found in John 3:16.

From the editor

This month’s Western Recorder theme, How to Share Your Faith, can present an intimidating challenge for many people — even those who would never think of skipping a Sunday morning church service.

Sharing my faith through words, action and life

I’ve been a part of the Sunrise family for the past seven months. What is unique about our organization is that it has a foundation of Christ. Although not every job has the same foundation, we are all called to reflect, share and demonstrate the love of Christ to one another and to the world.