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2014 Report of the KBC Committee on Nominations




Daviess-McLean (Region 2): 2014 Unexpired Term - Thomas Webb (Calhoun)

Green Valley (Region 2): 2014 Unexpired Term - Nathan Whisnant (Henderson)

Irvine (Region 8): 2014 Unexpired Term - Everett VanZant (Gray Hawk)


Kentucky Baptist Foundation (Director)

2016 Unexpired Term [1]: John Keith (Hodgenville)

Oneida Baptist Institute (Trustee)

2016 Unexpired Term [1]: Scott Shouse (Louisville)



At Large (Region 2): 2017 Term - Jo Pelham (Hopkinsville)

At Large (Region 3): 2017Term - Matt Pinkston (Lewisport)

At Large (Region 7): 2017 Term - Joel Catron (Monticello)

Booneville (Region 8): 2017 Term - Mark Back (Big Creek)

Bracken (Region 5): 2017 Term - Lew Cook (Maysville)

Casey County (Region 7): 2016 Unexpired Term - Jeric Devore (Liberty)

Christian County (Region 2): 2017 Term - Jimmy Stewart (Pembroke)

Crittenden (Region 5): 2017 Term - Dennis Jackson (Corinth)

Daviess-McLean (Region 2): 2017 Term - Thomas Webb (Calhoun)

East Lynn (Region 7): 2017 Term - Adam Whitlock (Campbellsville)

Elkhorn (Region 6): 2017 Term - Steve Sholar (Nicholasville)

Elkhorn (Region 6): 2017 Term - Rick Hardison (Georgetown)

Enterprise (Region 8): 2017 Term - Tommy Reed (Prestonsburg)

Freedom (Region 7): 2017 Term - Jeff Brown (Albany)

Gasper River (Region 3): 2017 Term - Roger Taylor (Morgantown)

Green Valley (Region 2): 2017 Term - Kenny Kidd (Henderson)

Greenup (Region 8): 2017 Term - Doug Virgin (Worthington)

Henry County (Region 5): 2017 Term - Daniel Lowry (New Castle)

Irvine (Region 8): 2017 Term - Everett VanZant (Gray Hawk)

Laurel River (Region 8): 2017 Term - Andrew Dyer (London)

Liberty (Region 7): 2017 Term - Ray Woodie (Glasgow)

Little Bethel (Region 2): 2017 Term - Bobby Sellers (Dawson Springs)

Little River (Region 1): 2017 Term - Bob McIntosh (Cadiz)

Long Run (Region 4): 2016 Unexpired Term - Jamaal Williams (Louisville)

Long Run (Region 4): 2017 Term - Greg Smith (Louisville)

Long Run (Region 4): 2017 Term - Geoff Lacefield (Louisville)

Lynn (Region 3): 2017 Term - J. D. Shipp (Upton)

Mercer (Region 6): 2017 Term - Chris Orr (Harrodsburg)

Muhlenberg (Region 2): 2017 Term - Dan Yeager (Bremen)

Northern Kentucky (Region 5): 2017 Term - James Woolums (Burlington)

Ohio River (Region 1): 2017 Term - Mike Jones (Marion)

Ohio Valley (Region 1): 2015 Unexpired Term - Barry Yates (Morganfield)

South District (Region 6): 2015 Unexpired Term - John Lane (Perryville)

Taylor County (Region 7): 2017 Term - James Collison (Campbellsville)

Upper Cumberland (Region 8): 2017 Term - Jeff Wilson (Loyall)

Warren (Region 3): 2017 Term - Steve Hussung (Bowling Green)

Wayne County (Region 7): 2017 Term - Ron Andrew (Monticello)


Clear Creek Baptist Bible College (Trustees)

2015 Unexpired Term [1]: Jason Moore (Ferguson)

2017 Unexpired Term [1]: Anthony Lovett (Manchester)

2018 Terms [8]: Max Cooper (Columbus), Ken Felty (Berea), John Moore(Arthur, TN), Daryl Mullins (Butler), Tim Roberts (Hawesville), Bo Ryser (East Bernstadt), Bobby Sellers (Dawson Springs), and James Wedding (Owensboro)

Crossings Ministries (Trustees)

2018 Terms [3]: Bill Clark (Independence), Dennis Smith (Benton), and Cathy Stafford (Frankfort)

Kentucky Baptist Foundation (Directors)

2018 Terms [4]: Willis Henson (Paducah), Leslie Sanders (Franklin), Sky Tudor (Lancaster), and Robin Webb (Grayson)

Kentucky Ethics League (Trustees)

2017 Terms [5]: Ken Bolin (Manchester), Dennis Brewer (Richmond), Steve Delaney (Owenton), David Stokes (Lexington), and Stan Williams (Ashland)

Oneida Baptist Institute (Trustees)

2018 Terms [6]: Jerry Bevil (Beaver Dam), Orville Birch (Lexington), Charles Goins (Manchester), Barbara Rogers (Elkton), Bettie Wright (Barlow), and Steve Young (Oneida)

Sunrise Children’s Services (Directors)

2018 Terms [3]: Corey Abney (Florence), Roberta Kiser (Lexington), and Billy Riley (Smithland)

University of the Cumberlands (Trustees)

2018 Terms [7]: Phillip Armstrong (Stone Mountain, GA), Bill Gullett (Henderson, TN), Bill Hacker (Corbin), Maureen Henson (Manchester), Roland Mullins (Mount Vernon), John Stewart (Crestwood), and John Mark Toby (Bowling Green)

Western Recorder (Directors)

2018 Terms [3]: Linda Cooper (Bowling Green), Floyd Price (Richmond), and Jim Woolums (Burlington)

Committee on Nominations:

Committee Members: Nick Sandefur (Chairperson), Harold Best, James Carroll, Dot Crace, Brian Croft, Barry Fields, Richard Gaines, Steve Hussung, Mike Jones, Kevin Milburn, Calvin Naylor, Shane Nickell, Kyle Noffsinger, Pat Reaves, Scott Rogers, Dale Rose, Wilton Shelton, Chris Short, Joshua Smith, Ronnie Stinson, David Tucker, Mark Webb, Matthew Williams, and Bill Wright

Ex Officio Members: Executive Director, Paul Chitwood and Convention President, Chip Hutcheson

Committee on Committees & Committee on Annual Meeting

2014 Report of the KBC Committee on Committees

  • Committee on the Annual Meeting:

    2015 Unexpired Term -Howard Williams (Radcliff); 2017 Terms - Joe Crider (Louisville) and Travis Kaiser (Florence)

  • Committee on Constitution & Bylaws:

    2017 Terms - Brian Arnold (Smithland), Scott Kilgore (Bowling Green), and Mark Maynard (Ashland)

  • Committee on Credentials:

    2017 Terms - Jeremy Atwood (Leitchfield), Mark Sickling (LaCenter), and P.J. Thompson (Lexington)

  • Committee on Nominations:

    2017 Terms Region 1: Darrick Holloman (Princeton) Region 2: Paul Strahan (Owensboro) Region 3: Tim Harris (Woodburn)

    Region 4: Stan Lowery (Mt. Washington) Region 5: Shawn Dobbins (Hebron) Region 6: Victor Sholar (Lexington) Region 7: Brandon Porter (Glasgow) Region 8: Brian Horton (Pikeville)

  • Committee on Public Affairs:

    2015 Unexpired Term - Jason Price (Nicholasville); 2017 Terms - Tom Rhoads (Madisonville), Neal Thornton (Mt. Vernon), and Hershael York (Frankfort)

  • Committee on Resolutions:

    2017 Terms - Paul Sanchez (Brooksville) and Tommy Tapscott (London)

  • Committee on Committees:

    Committee Members: Jeff Pennington (Chairperson), Norm Brock, Richard Carwile, George Drake, Wes Fowler, Bill Langley, Donnie Patrick, Andrew Sexton, and David Stokes

    Ex Officio Members: Executive Director, Paul Chitwood and Convention President, Chip Hutcheson

2014 Report of the KBC Committee on Annual Meeting

Persons to Report - 2015

  • Preacher of the Annual Sermon:

    Paul Chitwood (Louisville);

    Alternate - Chuck McAlister (Louisville)

  • Obituaries:

    Geoff Lacefield (Louisville); Alternate - Jim Castlen (Busy)

Committee on Annual Meeting:

Committee Members: Brad Walker (Chairperson), Paul Atchison, Scott Kerr, Kevin Roberts, and Mark Swadley

Permanent Member: Executive Director, Paul Chitwood

Ex Officio Members: Convention President - Chip Hutcheson, First Vice-President - Kevin Milburn, Second Vice-President - Ed Amundson, President of Pastors' Conference - Steve Hill, President of KBMC - Bob Blankenship, President of KBREA - Jeff Smith

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