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Changing lives in a changing world


The year 2020 was not at all what any of us thought it would be, and the first part of 2021 continues to bring uneasiness and doubt. But the uncertainty, heartache and fear that many of us have been experiencing lately are what our Sunrise boys and girls have been facing most of their lives. Thanks be to God, because of your generosity, not even COVID-19 could stop us from helping families mend their brokenness and find a path to hope and healing.

Dale Suttles

We took care of children every day. Some of our children developed COVID-19. For them, we never stopped providing care, and they all pulled through. We are still here, doing the important work.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Sunrise had much to be thankful for in 2020. During the year, we celebrated 59 adoptions. Since the beginning of our foster-to-adopt program in 2006, our total adoptions are now 570! Thank you for your part in bringing families together.

Your generous giving has also helped our kids find their eter- nal homes. During our last fiscal year, our ministry reported three rededications, 19 baptisms and 27 professions of faith. God is doing miraculous things in the lives of our kids, in the hearts of our families and through your faithful giving.

Have you ever thought that the children we are serving here at Sunrise are not here by coincidence? Could it be that the children we serve everyday have been placed here by God to be part of a more positive world? Let's empower all of them to grow up to embrace that world we are handing over to them. Let's empower them to be more confident, to be successful, to embrace the challenge of the day.

Through your support and prayers, we can be the ministry that prepares them to be agents of change for a better society, to become good moms and dads, to become involved in their communities and to understand something bigger than them is driving this big ole ship. That something is a God who truly loves them.

Let's inspire them all to heights they never could have imagined. So please pray for our country and leaders, and pray that Sunrise might have the wisdom to lead children in a way that enables them to embrace all that we hand over to them.

None of us know what the rest of 2021 will bring, but Sunrise continues to trust in God's mercy. We believe that just as He has blessed this ministry in the past, He will continue to do so through 2021. Yes, the pandemic has brought countless challenges, but we have found a way, through God's leading and your help, to continue providing care for our most vulnerable. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey!

Because of you, the love of Christ has been shared with the broken hearted, and children and families have been given a fresh start. Your compassion is greatly appreciated this year and always. Your prayers and support will help us continue to change the lives of children and families in a constantly changing world.

Dale Suttles is president of Sunrise Children's Services. You can find more information at www.sunrise.orgor call 502-538-1000.

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