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Western Recorder shares WMU's stories


There are people who come in and out of our lives — some we know as acquaintances and others we know on a much deeper level. Ministries can come into our lives in the same way.

Liz Encinia

A tried and true voice of Kentucky Baptists, the Western Recorder, has a history of sharing the stories of Kentucky Woman's Missionary Union and our WMU family. We are thankful for the countless newspapers archived which tell the rich history of Kentucky women who have faithfully served in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

June Rice says, "I spent three terms on the Kentucky WMU Executive Committee and three three-year terms as a Western Recorder board of trustees member. I love both the WMU and the WR! The Western Recorder has been a chronicler of all state Baptist affairs and, as far as I know, has reported both in a fair manner."

THANK YOU, Western Recorder, for recording the stories of Kentucky Baptists and giving us a gift to remember God's faithfulness throughout the commonwealth.

The Western Recorder, however, was not only a tool for reporting news, but its stories also helped to shape future leaders.

Former Kentucky WMU President, Susan Bryant, shares how the Western Recorder has made an impact in her life over the years. "Reading WR began in my childhood. Little did I know then how important being an informed Kentucky Baptist would benefit me as an adult working in my church, association and ultimately in my role as Kentucky WMU president. Years of absorbing the WR stood me in good stead in that role in understanding and celebrating our partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, its boards and agencies."

THANK YOU, Western Recorder, for using your words to equip women and prepare them for their ministry assignment.

Joy Bolton, former Kentucky WMU executive director-treasurer, said, "We are forever grateful to the Western Recorder for helping us share our EBO (Eliza Broadus Offering) at Work stories. It has been a valuable partner to WMU and the EBO. Over the years, this column has been written by the many foremothers of Kentucky WMU. Each has shown appreciation for what the Western Recorder has meant to the work of WMU and EBO. Even Eliza Broadus herself showed appreciation, saying how the Western Recorder helped 'to progress' the work of WMU.

THANK YOU, Western Recorder, for giving WMU a voice and an avenue to stress God's missions call. Here at Kentucky WMU, we consider the Western Recorder a dear friend. We are grateful for the countless stories the Western Recorder has helped share of God's work being done by WMU groups all over the commonwealth. More importantly, we are grateful for the Western Recorder's commitment to keep the gospel story the central theme throughout the years.

THANK YOU, Western Recorder, we celebrate your legacy.

Liz Encinia is executive director-treasurer of Kentucky Woman's Missionary Union.

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