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Kentucky Baptist stories will still be told


The Western Recorder has been a friend of mine for the past 30 years. I remember being inspired by the work of Kentucky Baptists in the Western Recorder in the early '90s as a teenage member of Eastwood Baptist in Bowling Green who was processing a call to ministry.

Brandon Porter

I first served at Scottsville Baptist while I was a student at Western Kentucky University. I believe I learned about the youth pastor position through a classified ad in the Western Recorder. I vividly remember reading the weekly paper in the church office as we used it to deliver our church's newsletter. The Western Recorder has been a helpful resource for me and many other Kentucky Baptists over the years. In January 2019, the KBC communications group learned we would be responsible for publishing the Western Recorder.

We've tried to bring you compelling stories and pictures featuring Kentucky Baptists along with helpful articles from KBC leaders and our agencies and institutions over these last 23 months.

Sadly, the subscription base was cut almost in half when the church newsletter program ended with the transition to a monthly magazine. In addition, the financial crunch of the coronavirus pandemic has affected many publications in 2020. Publishing a monthly magazine, a twice-monthly or a weekly paper is expensive, and, in the end, we were not able to overcome the revenue shortfall.

We are grateful Chip Hutcheson will continue serving in the KBC communications group for the foreseeable future.

Brandon Porter is communications director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention

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