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Western Recorder legacy will continue


The decision to cease publication of the Western Recorder magazine was a difficult one — even though it had, for a time, appeared inevitable.

Todd Gray

The Western Recorder, under the leadership of Interim Managing Editor Chip Hutcheson, has become a reliable source of news stories that highlight what God is doing among Kentucky Baptists.

Unfortunately, we reached a point where the gap between the number of paid subscriptions and the cost of producing this magazine was too wide to continue to subsidize with limited resources.

We will see to it that any unfulfilled paid subscription monies are returned in the weeks to come following the March 2021 issue.

We will also see to it that the legacy of the Western Recorder continues. That began in November 2020 and will continue in the future with the annual meeting book of reports magazine carrying the Western Recorder title.

The stories of what God is doing in our KBC churches, associations and agencies and institutions will be published even more frequently through our Kentucky Today online news source.

Those who have written for the Western Recorder will also be asked to write stories distributed to Kentucky Baptists through Kentucky Today. God is at work — in, among and through Kentucky Baptists — and we will strive to see that story told in many ways.

I realize this decision, as well as the way we will tell the story in the future, will not satisfy everyone. I ask, nonetheless, for your understanding as the decision was not made quickly, easily or without a great deal of prayer and counsel.

May the Lord's blessings abide on Kentucky Baptists and may the work of God be published widely for His glory and for the good of His people.

Todd Gray is executive director-treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

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