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The joy of giving yourself for others and for Christ


C. S. Lewis wrote in his book Mere Christianity, "Nothing that you have not given away will ever be really yours."

Coy Webb

Volunteers with Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief give themselves away for the good of others and the sake of Christ when disasters strike. They have discovered the joy that is found in giving all that we are and have for the gospel.

Listen to these testimonies about how they are giving for the sake of Christ through Disaster Relief:

"We volunteer to help the victims clean up after the disaster in order to speak to their heart." — Mike Bastin, Pleasant View Baptist Church

"God uses us, DR volunteers, at a time when hope seems gone." — Carolyn Gray, Zion's Cause Baptist Church

"Disaster Relief opens up doors to people for the gospel." — Tom Garrity, Jeffersontown Baptist Church

"Disaster Relief gives our volunteers a way to show victims of a disaster that God loves them." — David Bayes, Liberty Mills Baptist Church

"God uses the love He placed in DR workers to help people in their time of trouble, making the DR workers a living Bible." — Jerry and Andy Cable, Campton Baptist Church

"Disaster Relief allows us to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ to people that have found themselves overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control. Sharing the gospel is always much more effective after sharing God's love." — Roger Whitehead, Grayson First Baptist Church

"Disaster Relief is the mirror that reveals the love of God." — Sammy Hammons, Kirksville Baptist Church

"Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief allows us to work through the brokenness and point those we are able to serve back to a loving God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ." — Bob Brame, Hickory Grove Baptist Church

"In the midst of disasters, most people, even those previously resistant to the gospel, realize they are not in control of their current or future circumstances. Disaster Relief volunteers come alongside them to help carry their burdens while sharing the love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ." — Keith Stinson, First Baptist Church of Richmond

"The word 'Kentucky' draws attention (Famous KFC). Kentucky Baptist DR gold shirts draw curiosity. Curiosity draws conversations. Conversations open doors. BOOM! Opportunity to share Jesus." — Janice Gaines, Hamlet Baptist Church

"I get to share the gospel more in one week of DR than in a whole year at home with my regular routines." — Gordon Hayworth, Fairdale First Baptist Church

"Ian Sterling, American Red Cross volunteer, was saved as Kentucky Baptists responded to Bay Minette, Alabama. He shared that he had observed our volunteers being the church and this drew him to Christ." — Larry and Elaine Koch, Redemption Hill Baptist Church

Is God calling you to give of yourself to bring help, healing and hope when disasters strike? Find out how you can give and get involved during times of disaster for the sake of the gospel at www.kybaptist.org/dr.

Coy Webb recently left his position as director of Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief to lead the crisis response team for Send Relief, a partnership between the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board.

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