Reaching the world

Coy Webb lauded by leader, fellow laborers

By Chip Hutcheson

Published: October 1, 2020

Coy Webb, who led Kentucky Baptist disaster relief efforts for more than 12 years, finds himself in a new role that began Oct. 1 — leading a new disaster relief initiative that will serve not only North America, but the world. It is a crisis response arm of Send Relief that is a partnership of the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board to provide compassion ministry worldwide.

Coy Webb

Bryant Wright, who was named president of Send Relief in February, said Webb will oversee both domestic and international crisis response operations, and will ensure appropriate crisis response training is delivered effectively and timely so a quick response capability is maintained.

“He will oversee U.S.-based coordination of crisis response globally … and ensuring crisis responses honor Christ and provide for needs appropriately,” Wright said in an email to KBC Communications.

Wright described Webb as “the real thing in his heart for Christ, the Great Commission and this type of ministry,” noting Webb’s long-tenured role with Kentucky Baptists. “Coy brings abundant experience in the areas of crisis response and building partnerships, and has relationships throughout the SBC and internationally that position him for success in this role.”

How can Kentucky Baptists pray for Webb in this transition? “Pray for the ability to step into the role and learn quickly,” Wright said, “especially the international portion. Also, pray for wisdom in making decisions that will set the path of crisis response for the foreseeable future.” Wright continued to say he desires people pray that crisis response will be effective in providing physical and spiritual help in a time when people are hurting, and that under Webb’s leadership “God will be honored through the responses to crisis around the world.”

Webb, who has pastored churches in Tennessee, Kansas and Kentucky, said he is excited to be part of this new collaboration between the IMB and NAMB through Send Relief. “I believe this is a tremendous opportunity to mobilize Southern Baptists in humanitarian ministry across the globe in ways that will fulfill both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. I have been blessed to be able to learn valuable insights from the field strategists that we have served beside through our response partnership in Sub-Sahara Africa, and to benefit from serving beside some of the most gifted disaster relief leaders in the world by being part of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Roundtable and Steering Committee.”

Webb has led in the development of highly-trained Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers. “I am thankful for the privilege of serving beside some of the most gifted and committed volunteers in the world who make up Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief,” he said. “Their sacrificial service to those affected by disasters and their passionate commitment to Christ is an incredible testimony of the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ.”

A bevy of Kentucky Baptist leaders and Disaster Relief volunteers, along with IMB and NAMB spokespeople, echoed their praise of Webb’s work in Kentucky and voiced their support of him in this new role.

“As much as Coy and I love Kentucky and our KBC, it’s because of the love of Kentucky Baptists for the lost among the nations that I knew would ensure I can still cross the river and enter the Bluegrass without fearing for my life after inviting Coy to join the Send Relief team. We know he will serve the entire SBC family in the same Christ-honoring way he has served our KBC family.” — Paul Chitwood, IMB president

“Coy was the obvious first choice for this position because of his experience plus his character and heart. He’s one of the nicest people I know. He is a godly man. I hate taking him away from Kentucky, but he has a unique set of gifts and unique relational abilities to work with people in our country and the world. This position is disaster relief plus much, much more. It involves crisis response, such as shootings and school issues.” — Kevin Ezell, NAMB president

“When Kevin Ezell and Paul Chitwood reached out to talk about their desire to consider Coy Webb for the Send Relief, Crisis Relief position I felt strongly that Bro. Coy was the right man for the job, but also that his departure from being our DR director would be a great loss to Kentucky Baptists. Coy has led Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief to be one of the premier DR teams in the country. God has used Coy’s leadership to multiply the number of DR leaders and volunteers. He has also worked with these faithful laborers to emphasize evangelism in every DR project. Coy has been effective in his leadership because he is a godly man who loves and respects people, and leads from a place of kindness and compassion. He will be missed, but the larger SBC family will be blessed as Coy takes on this new role.” — Todd Gray, KBC executive director-treasurer

“Coy is the very best person who could be chosen — it rips our heart out to lose him because he is such a fine leader. He has brought Disaster Relief to where it is now. He always felt like an informed team was a strong team, so when he finds out information, we are the first to know. There’s not been a trip or response to a disaster or a call for volunteers that he has made without time spent on his knees with the Lord. I think that’s why it is so easy to follow him as a leader.” — Karen Smith, Pleasant View Baptist, Waynesburg, DR volunteer

“I think Coy is an excellent choice — he is a godly man with a servant’s heart. He did a great job in Kentucky with disaster relief, building up what was already a good disaster relief ministry. He assembled a group of leaders who I think is one of the best in the nation. He has a great personality and gets along with everybody. I have had the privilege of going to some national leadership events with him and heard directors of other states talk — they have great respect for Coy.” — Matthew Sickling, Ohio County Baptist Association mission strategist

“I recall an out-of-state disaster response when the vehicle in front of us was involved in an accident and one of the DR workers passed away. Coy came to the church where we were staying and talked with us and encouraged everyone. He is concerned about everyone he works with (people impacted by disasters and volunteer workers).” — Bonnie Prince, Unity Baptist, Ashland, DR volunteer

“Coy is an incredibly gifted servant leader. I have worked with him for just over three years in my current role, but knew him previously at KBC with Crossings. I count him as a great friend and am encouraged he’s been selected for this new role. He will be a great asset to Southern Baptists.” — Rob Allen, Appalachian Ministry Center director with Send Relief

“We will miss Coy at the KBC. However, I’m thankful that he’ll be providing the same kind of Christian leadership nationally that he has provided in our state, and believe we’ll all be better because Coy’s at the helm. I’m grateful for his service on the KBC team and thankful to call him friend.” — Eric Allen, KBC missions mobilization team leader