Generosity that equips for kingdom work

By Donnie Fox

Published: September 1, 2020

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College exists today because of the generous blessings provided by God. There is not a building, land, roadway or online presence associated with Clear Creek that has not been provided through the generosity of those who love Clear Creek and want to make an impact in kingdom work through this ministry.

Donnie Fox

God continues to use His people to connect with us to provide the resources we need to equip those called to Christian service.

As God directs your generosity towards Clear Creek, you can know that your dollars are working to equip students like Michael Dalton for Christian service.

"I was saved at 12 years old in a small country church," said Dalton. "I was not raised in church and my parents hardly ever attended. My family moved to a new neighborhood where God gave me neighbors who loved the Lord and lived for Jesus Christ daily in front of me.

"I met these neighbors when I was 7 years old and they loved me from a wild little boy to the man that I have become today. They have played a major role in my Christian walk —from feeding me dinner every evening, taking me to church and Vacation Bible School and kneeling beside me as I prayed to receive Christ into my heart and life. I am thankful for the impact they have had on my life.

"Seventeen years ago I was enrolled at Clear Creek and living on campus," recalled Dalton. "I spent two wonderful years of my life there. Now at age 46, I am excited to resume my education with the Clear Creek family through its online delivery format. Clear Creek Baptist Bible College has been one of the most exciting experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. My wife and I had been talking about me going back to school for many years and my only regret was not following the Lord's guidance earlier in my life.

"With Clear Creek, my age is not a hindrance. Thankfully, obedience to God's calling does not have an age limit. Since I have a full-time career and home life, I was hesitant to take online classes because I was afraid I would miss the experience of being in a classroom with fellow believers and I wouldn't be able to set time aside for studying and livestreaming weekly classes. Since experiencing the online classes, I would be the first to admit that the experience is abundantly refreshing and spiritually alive. Clear Creek has made it available to where the classes can work around my busy schedule.

Michael and Jenny Dalton and their dog, Darbie.

"My wife, Jenny, would be the first to tell you that Clear Creek has changed our lives for the better," said Dalton. "She sees my excitement and starts reading the same books while studying what I just completed. We are growing and walking through this together. More importantly, we're growing together spiritually in our relationship in Jesus Christ.

"My first four weeks of college this past spring semester weren't all good," recalled Dalton. "However, it was life-changing and spiritually awakening. I was struggling and exhausted with work and school, I felt that both were going to be the death of me and at one time I felt that I had made a mistake by taking on too much too late into my career. Then God showed up! Every class, every chapel service, every book I had to read — all spoke about the same thing that I was experiencing at that exact time. God's grace and mercy were behind every keystroke and His words were with every professor guiding and comforting me every step of the way.

"Starting the fifth week of the semester, I saw that the glory of Jesus Christ was being displayed in such a way that I was strengthened in my troubles. In my weakness, Christ showed up in everything that Clear Creek Baptist Bible College stands for. The professors did not know what I was going through, nor did the men of God who were scheduled to preach know, and certainly not the books that I was reading. Oh, but how God moved in my life!

"I would highly recommend Clear Creek for anyone who is called to do ministry," added Dalton. "For those who are like me who are midway into their career, start with a few classes, and let God do the work. The same God that spread the sea for Moses and the children of Israel is the same God that moved a sea of doubtfulness for me. There are few things I hold close to my heart and never doubt — my salvation experience as a 12-year- old boy, my calling to preach at 25 years old and my deliverance (Red Sea experience) in week five at Clear Creek."

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.