Your EBO gifts shape the next generation

By Liz Encinia

Published: September 1, 2020

In 1995, I was crowned as my association's GA Sweetheart. While I did sing Love in any Language for the talent segment, the real test came down to what I learned about missions, my role in missions support and why I thought people should give to and pray for state missions.

Liz Encinia

Although I've grown in my understanding of God's plan for missions, my view has not changed much from sixth grade. I believe that as a disciple of Jesus, I have a call on my life to go and take the gospel to all people. I have a personal responsibility to show Christian love and a concern for others. Through missions giving and praying for missions, I can be more like Jesus and share in the work He is doing to extend the kingdom.

When I give, I join cooperatively with others in my Baptist family to help those who are boots on the ground — proclaiming the gospel with those across my state and around the world.

As disciples of Jesus who live on mission, we must have a concern for others who are involved in God's mission, whether it is through local ministry efforts or ones far away.

When we give through the Eliza Broadus State Missions Offering, we take part in advancing the gospel in a unique way.

Jesus told us in Matthew 25:40 that when we minister to the least of the brothers and sisters of His, we are, in fact, ministering to Him.

Kentucky Changers helps youth make a difference in communities.

Every day across Kentucky, lives are impacted through various Baptist ministries. These efforts reach the homeless, food insecure, displaced peoples, Spanish-speaking communities, horse racing industry and countless others. Although the pandemic changed our plans for this summer, we plan to offer a new missions opportunity in Summer 2021 called ChangersKids. This opportunity is a readiness experience that helps children learn skills that will prepare them for future mission trips.

When you give, you help children understand the missionary task and that taking the gospel to all nations requires obedience. Through missions discipleship and opportunities like ChangersKids, your gifts help churches raise up a generation of Christ followers who are equipped, prepared and ready to be sent for His glory.

Liz Encinia is executive director-treasurer of Kentucky Woman's Missionary Union.