Western Kentucky Association dedicates new building

By Gaye Bencini

Published: January 1, 2020

CLINTON — West Kentucky Baptist Association (WKBA) dedicated a new Ministry Center in Clinton on Nov. 2. The building is on a site that once was the location of Second Baptist Church, which had begun to build onto an existing facility when fire destroyed its buildings.

As Second Baptist began to rebuild on another site, it opted not to sell the property it was vacating, but give it to the association. Larry Franklin Fraser, former pastor of Second Baptist, played a key role in the process, drawing the plans for the 4,600-square-foot ministry center at no charge.

Associational mission strategist Glen Stewart presented a plaque of appreciation to Clinton Second Baptist Church. Current pastor Dustin Cunningham accepted on behalf of the church. It was noted he was instrumental in leading the Second Baptist to allow WKBA to sell its former building — which previously was the Second Baptist parsonage — and use the proceeds to be used for the new building, which is debt-free.

Stewart also announced the name of the Blair Library in the facility, named in honor of former director of missions Charles Blair, who was instrumental in establishing Mid-Continent Bible College in Clinton.

The Ministry Center has an Elisha Room, which churches can use to house a guest preacher during revivals. Also, it can be used for disaster relief teams who need housing and access to men's and women' showers. A small conference room will allow people to meet with church pastors or to conduct meetings were confidentiality is necessary.

A multi-purpose room will feature an area with food and clothing that can be given to churches to be distributed.

(Story information provided by Gaye Bencini of the Hickman County Courier.)