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The ways God works in the lives of Clear Creek graduates


Every Clear Creek graduate who walks across that graduation stage each year has a story of how God has worked in their lives to get them to this specific place and time in their lives. I always like to be able to share some of those comments from our graduates as to how God has worked in their lives during their time at Clear Creek.

Donnie Fox

Rhonda Jewell Gilmore: "My fondest memories from Clear Creek include the opportunities that I had to visit campus while being an online student. Not only is this campus filled with the beauty of creation but the Holy Spirit resides upon the lives of those who lead. The Lord's hand is clearly upon this college, and I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him and fulfill my heart's desire in the ministry."

Bruce W. Harrison: "The spiritual blessing I received as I went through all of the religious classes at Clear Creek was so uplifting to me. The staff will never know how many times what they said revived my soul and encouraged me. I am thankful beyond words for what I have been taught here and for the spirit in which it was taught. I want to thank our Lord Jesus who has so richly blessed me with the opportunity to attend this wonderful college and provided me with the strength to get this degree."

Hunter Steven Bishop: "I had the privilege of directing the drama ministry at Kelly Hall. It was great practicing with all the guys and girls in the dining room late each evening that week. We were amazed to see how God worked it out: after all the mistakes and retakes, each person's talent surfaced and made an inspirational evening of fun and worship for the campus family. Clear Creek has blessed me a great deal and I am very grateful."

Jonathan Aaron Herald: "One of the most valuable aspects of Clear Creek is the professors' hearts wanting to see their students thrive. Their willingness and patience in helping students was exceptional. I truly value their teaching and character. I want to thank God for His providential hand in getting me to this point in my life."

Heath Wesley Smith: "Even as an online student, there was not one single day that I did not look forward to my studies here. The professors are awesome and I learned more than I ever imagined was possible. I will always treasure my time spent at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. How could I ever do anything without the mighty hand of God leading, guiding and upholding me through it all? From Him I was called to the Creek, through Him I was able to have success and for Him I did it all!"

Willie Lewis Stallworth: "The hardest thing I had to do to come to Clear Creek was to get over my age—I thought I was too old, but then I realized that the Lord was calling me to Clear Creek and my family was strongly supporting me. What a blessing it has been to see God work through my church and Sunday school while here."

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.

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