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This is Oneida: Going the distance


Our faculty and staff have the privilege of being a part of God's work. When we recently recognized some of our folks as they reached five-year service increments, they made the following comments about what it means to serve at Oneida. Two of these folks are completing 30 years of service and have faithfully gone the distance!

Larry Gritton

"Serving at OBI means that I am able to make a difference and to help others. My fondest memories are seeing the kids change in school, in life and in other ways."

"Serving at OBI means being in line with God's will for my life."

"Serving at OBI means I get to be a part of shaping the lives of young people, many of whom have had difficult circumstances. I like to see how their lives have improved from the time they arrive at the school until they graduate."

"Serving at OBI is helping kids see their own potential and also helping them realize that they are each a gift from God. "

"Serving at OBI is serving/blessing the families of our students. I get to bless/assist the parents so that our students can be here."

"Serving at OBI is seeing God work in the lives of the young people that chose to come here. My fondest memories are when alumni return with their kids and thank you for your time that you spent with them. You realize God used you in some small way to reach them and His Word does not come back void. I am truly blessed to be serving here at Oneida."

"Serving at OBI means that I am fulfilling my call in youth ministry that started in the summer of 1983. My fondest memory was in the late 1980s when we had a revival and had over 120 saved and baptized them in the swimming pool."

"Serving at OBI reminds me of 1 Peter 4:10: 'As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.' I still cannot believe that God chooses me to serve him here."

"Serving at OBI means a chance … a chance to make a difference in someone's life. It's a chance to live for and serve our Lord. It's a chance to reach out to someone from other cultures and other religions. It's a chance to behold the glorious change that comes upon a person as they recognize that living for God, loving Jesus and serving others is what this life is about. It's a chance to see them turn away from self and turn towards Jesus and His love."

"Serving at OBI is a huge part of God's purpose and mission for me. My work each day helps to support a school whose goal is to educate young people, not only about the normal school subjects but also about the greatest reality, the greatest truth and the greatest treasure – God Himself – and how this changes everything from their living each day to their eternal destiny."

"When we were given the opportunity to come to OBI to serve, we were also given a life- changing experience."

"Serving at OBI means I get to help people. I get the privilege of providing food, clothing and household items to people in need."

Larry Gritton is president of Oneida Baptist Institute

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