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A strong finish to the CP giving year


Each year the Kentucky Baptist Convention depends on the generosity of partnering churches for the resources needed to accomplish its work. The church's generosity is extended through their Cooperative Program offering given to the KBC to help not only work in Kentucky, but the many works of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Western Recorder talked with Jim Donnell, co-interim executive director-treasurer, and Becky Harris, accounting director and controller, to get an update on CP giving for the 2018-2019 budget year.

Where does CP giving stand?

BH: As of April 30, we are 1.89 percent above our budget need. However, that's more than $360,886 behind last year's extraordinary giving.

How does the KBC use CP funds?

JD: The Lord uses the generosity of Kentucky Baptists to save souls, encourage and resource pastors, mobilize believers to be on mission, care for children in need, and train men and women called to ministry. These are just a few of the many ways the Lord will use the gifts of Kentucky Baptists' through the Cooperative Program to further the Kingdom of Christ in Kentucky and throughout the world.

How can Ky. Baptists be assured the money they give to CP is being stewarded well?

BH: Our accounting team works diligently to be accurate and timely with all resources sent to the Kentucky Baptist Convention. We have many checks and balances as well as separation of duties in place to provide safe-guards for the resources that God has provided. We are so grateful for His provisions and we desire to protect what He has given us.

JD: The oversight of our Business and Finance Committee, Mission Board and outside auditors in addition to our staff's focus on accountability and transparency help ensure we are stewarding the gifts of Kentucky Baptists in both a fiscally and ministerially appropriate manner.

What encouragement would you offer churches when giving to CP?

JD: Let's finish well in what has already started to be a strong CP budget year so that our Lord's Kingdom may be advanced in Kentucky and throughout the world!

For details on your church's CP giving through mid-year, visit kybaptist.org/midyearCP.

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