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Catching up with a Clear Creek alumnus


One of the hardest things about serving at Clear Creek is developing close relationships with students while they are here and then sending them off to another ministry calling when they graduate. We are always pleased when we get to hear from our alumni who have transitioned to another ministry setting and they give us an update on how they are doing and how much they appreciated their time at Clear Creek.

Sam Gilbreath is a 2018 graduate and he reflects on his time at Clear Creek and how God is working in his life now.

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Sam and Summer Gilbreath

"Since the day God called me to Clear Creek Baptist Bible College and I responded to that call in faith and obedience, I have experienced God's continual grace," recalls Gilbreath.

"Times were not always easy at Clear Creek, nor have they been since my wife and I graduated, but God has always given us everything we need to follow Him on a daily basis."

"For my wife and me, Clear Creek was a wonderful home and we made some of our greatest memories there. I will never forget many of those times singing worship songs with close friends, studying God's word together, and doing ministry alongside some of the godliest people I have ever met. These are just a few of the wonderful memories I have when I think of Clear Creek.

"Leaving Clear Creek was very hard because to us it had become home," says Gilbreath. "We had made many close friends, experienced so many great memories, and had seen God move in incredible ways. What made it easier was that we knew God already had a great plan for the next chapter in our lives.

"The Lord made it clear to my wife, Summer, and me that He was calling us to the Mid-South so that I could continue my ministry training at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. We intended to move to the school campus, but just weeks before we were supposed to leave Clear Creek, I received a phone call from a church in Byhalia, Mississippi, which was in search of a youth minister. In obedience to the Holy Spirit's leadership, I accepted the position and we have been ministering there ever since.

"In the seven months that we have been here we have experienced so much grace from the Lord and so much love from the congregation," says Gilbreath. "As I continue to learn at Mid-America, we are also excited about what God is doing in the youth ministry as we have seen three salvations, one rededication, and many new visitors in the youth group. We praise God for His continual grace!"

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.

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