Oneida & Kentucky Baptists are better together

By Larry Gritton

Published: April 1, 2019

For several years now I have been saying that without Kentucky Baptists there would be no Oneida Baptist Institute. In my heart, I really believe this to be true.

Kentucky Baptists have been so good to Oneida, and I truly believe we could not do what we do without both the Cooperative Program and the direct giving from Kentucky Baptist churches.

Looking at Oneida from a business or a logical point of view, one would likely conclude that it will not work and even if it does work for a while, it won't last. However, Oneida has lasted because God not only ordained it, He has also sustained it. One of the ways God sustains our work is through our Kentucky Baptist friends.

Every church has programs geared toward specific age groups. Senior adult pro-grams, programs for middle-aged folks, and programs for young adults are all important, but in my humble opinion no other program has the long-term and far-reaching impact of children and youth programs.

Oneida is a unique school with the ability to minister to students from 5 to 18 years old. Without your assistance, there is no way we could minister to kids without charging steep tuition rates.

Your cooperative efforts enable us to minister unto "the least of these." Your love and support enable us to fulfill the Great Commission right here in southeastern Kentucky.

Your partnership in the gospel enables us to reach the kindergarten student whose parents are both in prison for drug trafficking. You enable us to reach the Muslim and Buddhist student.

You enable us to reach the adopted student from Florida who struggles with rejection. You enable us to reach the lost students from Kentucky, New York, and California.

You enable us to minister to the student from the hills of Clay County who does not have adequate food to eat at home.

Did you realize your cooperative support had a role in all this?

A single individual or church could never enable Oneida Baptist Institute to do all it needs to do, yet collectively we are better together and can serve a critical role in the lives of children and families not only right here at home, but from around the globe.

Individually we can do some. Together we can do much, and through Christ we can do all things.

Thank you for helping us point so many to Jesus. We are grateful to God and we are grateful to you. 

Larry Gritton is the president of Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Ky.