Learning to defend the gospel

By Donnie Fox

Published: March 5, 2019

Students at Clear Creek are blessed to sit under great professors and scholars in the class rooms on our campus every day to be equipped for God's calling on their lives. We are blessed to have such gifted professors here who literally pour into our students for the time they are here studying.

We are also blessed to be able to collaborate with other Southern Baptist Convention educational institutions who offer opportunities for students like ours to visit their campus and receive more training in specific areas of ministry like apologetics. Additional training opportunities like these are very beneficial to our students as they prepare for God's calling on their lives.

Recently we had 10 students, plus one Clear Creek alumnus, who traveled to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to attend their annual Defend Apologetics Conference. We appreciate the faculty and administration at New Orleans who offer an opportunity each year for our students to attend this conference and receive some focused training in the area of apologetics.

The Defend Conference is designed to equip men and women to defend their faith. Clear Creek freshman Brandt Jones said, "Attending DEFEND 19 has radically impacted my apologetic mindset. This was my first trip to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and it will not be my last."

"Having the opportunity to attend this conference has allowed me to grow in my ability to defend the gospel in a pagan worldview society. I was honored to sit through many intelligent speakers, theologians, philosophers, but most importantly, Christians."

Online student Scot Bratcher recounted his time at the conference. "For me this year the conference was very informative in addressing the multi-religions that we face here in the United States," said Bratcher, "namely the Jehovah Witnesses and Islam. We covered many different aspects of addressing the questions and the theology of these false religions. So I feel more equipped to defend the gospel in this area."

Practical ministry training involves preparing our student for the various world views in which they will encounter in this world. Students who attended the Defend Conference have all remarked that this conference will better prepare them as they go into the world and try to reach the lost for Christ.

Clear Creek is thankful for the opportunity given to our students through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to step out of the classroom and onto the campus of one of our Southern Baptist Convention seminaries to receive ministry training. Our students will be better equipped for ministry through this collaboration.