"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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EBO at Work: The untold story


Ever wonder why we give to EBO? We give because we are supporters of missions efforts. We give because we believe the foundation of giving to missions is biblical tithing and sacrificial giving. Most importantly, we give because people need to know the saving-grace of Jesus Christ.

Story after story, we have heard the many ways the EBO has impacted the lives of people across our great state. We don't share these stories to elevate a certain ministry over another but to share how God is at work through the offering. From children to adults, lives have been changed because you give.

EBO is at work 365 days a year and your obedience to sacrificially give keeps the momentum going. Cooperative giving is one way a church can be involved with other believers in supporting missions throughout our state.

Thank you, for your obedience to give. We pray that you will continue to give to the EBO. Please know that although we promote the offering in September, we accept gifts all year up until Aug. 31, 2019.

We also want to say a heartfelt thank you to the Western Recorder.

We are forever grateful to the Western Recorder for helping us share our EBO at Work stories. They have been a valuable partner to WMU and the EBO. Over the years, this column has been written by the many foremothers of Kentucky WMU, each have shown their appreciation for what the Western Recorder has meant to the work of WMU and EBO. Even Eliza Broadus herself showed appreciation saying how the Western Recorder helped "to progress" the work of WMU.

The Western Recorder has left a rich legacy. They have shown us a glimpse of servant leadership by serving others first and elevating the name of Jesus. In many ways, the Western Recorder has been the untold story.

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