Together We are the KBC: One CP team

By Curtis Woods

Published: February 19, 2019

Whenever there is a change in administration, there is always a change in strategic leadership. In previous years, for example, the Kentucky Baptist Convention employed an executive associate for Cooperative Program and resources to serve as the primary Cooperative Program champion. Now, mission board team leaders admonish all team members to act as CP champions. This attitude embodies the foundational identity and modus operandi of Southern Baptist churches which states, "We can do more together than we can do alone."

Curtis Woods

When I say that we are one CP team, I mean that the KBC is more than the servant-leaders housed at 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive, Louisville. The KBC is made up of mission board staff, associations, local churches, agencies, and institutions who work in synergy to advance the Gospel through cooperative missions. We are the KBC. Thus, we embrace collective responsibility to promote CP in multifaceted ways.

Seven years ago, KBC mission board staff underwent major structural changes in personnel and ministry philosophy to position our churches to send more CP dollars to the mission field. To wit, our churches continuously make budgetary sacrifices on behalf of lost souls who live across the street, farm, field, or sea because they are passionate about the Great Commission fueled by the Great Commandment.

KBC team leaders firmly believe that many of our churches are clearly motivated to give through our uniquely designed collaborative missions funding process, but the Kentucky churches want to know that the mission board staff are "on mission" for God's glory, the good of His church, and the salvation of the lost. In other words, Kentucky Baptists hold mission board staff accountable to fulfilling this mission statement, "Kentucky Baptist Convention: created by churches for churches to help churches reach Kentucky and world for Christ."

Kentucky Baptists are serious about penetrating lostness through cooperative missions and ministry. This is evident in how our cooperating churches began the new year with their minds fixed on the Great Commission! January CP receipts have closed our budget shortfall for the 18-19 fiscal year. January 2019 reflects the highest giving amount to begin a calendar year since 2014. We are beginning the year with a praiseworthy start because you love the gospel! As such, we are now trending ahead of budget by 4.33 percent and have closed the prior year gap to less than 2 percent. You are awesome!

If you need our assistance to inspire more passion for cooperative missions in your congregation or association, our team is eager to spread the Great Commission KBC-affiliated churches at no charge to the congregation. Schedule a speaker online at by clicking on "Schedule a Speaker." Schedule by phone at (502) 245-4101 or 1-800-266-6477 (toll-free in Kentucky).

Order free brochures and other resources, and download free CP videos, online at Questions? Email or call (502) 489-3374 or 1-866-489-3374 (toll-free in Kentucky). Other materials also are available at no charge to your congregation.

We are better together. One CP team.