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EBO at Work: Helping families move forward


Your gift to the Eliza Broadus Offering for state missions is more than a donation, it provides an opportunity for families to heal from loss.

At the Moore Activity Center, the EBO helps provide emotional and physical support for families in need. Amy Wilhelmus, MAC Director gives us a glimpse into the way your gift helps to restore lives.

For Amy, your gifts mean that she can help a family get through the holidays. "We have a family who lost their mother a few years back; leaving her husband and 3 children to get through life. Grandma has stepped into the picture to help."

Because of your gifts to EBO, the Moore Activity Center can host a community event prior to Thanksgiving. The grandmother of this family shared "my grandson was so excited, he came home with a turkey. So happy for him. Thank you for all you do."

Something as simple as a turkey can help make a difference.

When families experience loss, they need people to walk alongside them through the grieving process. The MAC provides weekly Bible study, summer sports camps, year-around community events, and a feeding program.

When asked about how the MAC impacts the community, this family's grandmother said "The Moore Activity Center has been a blessing to our family and the community. They have a lot of activity for the kids which includes games and learning about God. My grandkids are exposed to a lot of bad influences in this neighborhood. I love that they have a safe place to go and they really enjoy their time there. ... I honestly cannot thank everyone enough for what they have done for this community, spreading God's love and acceptance."

For this family, your gifts have provided a safe place to move forward and a way for a ministry to build relationships with families in their neighborhood.

"The reason I can have this family being ministered to is because of the EBO grant and others that give monetarily to the MAC for ministry. We meet needs and share Christ at our ministries. The way we do this is by God placing it on the hearts of His people to give to help us reach out," said Amy Wilhelmus.

The funds EBO provides to the MAC work toward reaching families in need. With community ministry like that offered by the MAC, we can work together to shine the hope of Christ during difficult situations.

Your EBO gifts empower people like Amy, a community ministry leader to Testify! and be shining light to families in her sphere.

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