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Search team working to find KBC's next exec


LOUISVILLE—Resumes have already begun arriving from potential candidates to lead the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Bowling Green Pastor Tom James, chairman of the 15-member search committee charged with finding the next KBC executive director-treasurer, said additional resumes will be accepted through Feb. 15.

"We will then prayerfully examine those resumes and look to see which ones God raises to the top to take to the next step," said James, pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church. "We are developing questions now that we think will be important to ask the candidates we meet with."

KBC's vacancy occurred when former Executive Director Paul Chitwood resigned in November to become president of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.

The search committee's next meeting is set for Feb. 25, at which time, James said, members will review all resumes received and narrow the list of candidates. The 15-member search team is comprised of church leaders from every region of the state.

"We believe God has uniquely assembled this team for this time and purpose," James said. "We recognize this is a search that is larger than any of us as individuals, and so we are faithfully looking for God's perfect will in this search."

Members of the search committee met for several hours on Thursday at the KBC headquarters in Louisville.

"We spent a great deal of time in prayer for one another, the existing KBC staff, the process of the search, Dr. Chitwood and his new position, and for the person God has uniquely gifted and we believe is already calling to be the next KBC executive director," James said. "It was a time of confessing our own weaknesses and shortcomings and acknowledging that we need God more than ever for this search to be what He wants it to be."

Ads calling for resumes are being placed in Baptist newspapers in Kentucky and adjoining states. (KT)

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