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This is Oneida: 2019 student resolutions


As the calendar turns to 2019, much of our nation is likely considering resolutions, improvements, weight loss, new commitments, etc. I have never been a big fan of New Year's resolutions because I'm not sure why we need to wait for the turn of a calendar year to make changes in our lives.

However, in December I asked our students to write down some goals they have as Oneida students for the New Year. When interviewing new students, I always ask them what are some goals they would like to accomplish while a student at Oneida, but I thought it might be interesting to hear what they had to say now that they are fully entrenched in the Oneida experience. Here's some of what they had to say:

I want to excel in drama and choir, make straight A's, and be kind to others.

I want to be a Resident Assistant (in the dorm).

I want to read 50 books.

I want to keep a 3.5 GPA and stay out of trouble.

I want to become a better student and soccer player.

I want to win the Highest GPA Award for my class and show more kindness and Christianity towards others.

I want to strengthen my relationship with God, take more of a leadership role in the dorm and school, and participate in more sports.

I want to acquire leadership skills that I can one day take to a job.

I want to grow closer to God and my family.

I want to rebuild bridges that I have burned with my family.

I want to be happy.

I want to build a better reputation.

I want a better relationship with my dad and to be accepted into the Governor's Scholars Program.

I want to keep a 4.0 GPA and do well in athletics.

I want to pass my AP exams, reach 350 points in basketball, join more clubs, and choose the right college.

I want to have no grades lower than B.

If even some of these goals are reached, I would say we will have a successful 2019. Thank you for helping us to enable our students to achieve their goals and grow into the young men and women God has designed them to be.

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