"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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EBO at Work: Great kingdom partnership


When you give to the Eliza Broadus Offering for state missions, you should know one thing: Your gift can help impact the life of a college student.

For Riley, your gifts made way for continued healing and restoration in her life. From a young age, Riley witnessed some hardships at her former church which caused her to question the people of God and doubt in God altogether. Through the work of leaders at BCM at Murray State, Riley has experienced healing and forgiveness for her former church members and shares her testimony of how God has continued to chase after her.

"When I returned to Murray for my second year of school, I joined a community group at the BCM and during our first meeting my group leader Hannah spoke about a time in her life where she had said something like 'Okay God, do what you want with me my life is yours.' I thought about her words for days and I realized I had never had that kind of conversation with God, and that I truly wanted to. So I devoted my life to God in August, decided to get baptized in September, and now I'm here," said Riley.

For Yushi, your gifts help to make him feel welcome in a new country and show him everlasting hope. Like many other international students, Yushi shares that he came to America with "no knowledge of Christianity." His story highlights people like BCM leader Emmanuel, who took the time to introduce him to a godly family through the BCM.

"In late September I went to the Converge event with BCM. During worship one night, we broke into groups to pray. My group was Emmanuel, OJ, Graham, Cody, and June." After learning that these same guys were praying for Yushi and his family to have a relationship with God, he realized that his coming to America was not a coincidence. "It was God's plan to lead me here and learn about His Love," said Yushi. That night Yushi accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Since this event, Yushi has shared his decision to become a Christian with his parents and now they are reading the Bible and seeking to learn more.

"It is such a sweet testimony to the work of KBC, BCM, and the local church," said Regional Campus Missionary for Murry Region Jonathan Clark. Watching the way the Church comes together by giving to EBO has had a significant impact on Clark.

The funds provided to the BCM, through the EBO, work towards reaching the nations here in our backyards. With events like Converge Conference offered through KBC each September and churches like First Baptist, Murray, who are actively serving Murray State students, together we share the hope of Christ.

Your EBO gifts empower students like Emmanuel, a Nigerian student at FBC and on the leadership team at Murray State BCM, to Testify! and be shining light to his fellow students.

Clark shared that stories like that make him grateful for the sacrificial giving that goes to the EBO. "All around great kingdom partnership!" he said.

Together, we can engage a changing culture with new and different challenges. We can work together to make an impact that reaches all over the commonwealth. Through our partnership, we can reach Kentucky with the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We pray that as these students and campus leaders, you and your church will continue to Testify! and faithfully give as you join in the work done through this offering. Gifts to the EBO for the 2018 emphasis are accepted all year up until Aug. 31, 2019.

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