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What do Sunrise kids wants for Christmas?


This time of year, the Sunrise team is often asked, "What do the Sunrise kids want for Christmas?" Actually, it's not what you think. Many are not thinking about Christmas presents much. They have bigger wishes and dreams. This is what some of our Sunrise kids want, in their own words.

• "I remember when I first got to Sunrise, starving and in trouble. Until I arrived at Sunrise, no one seemed interested in helping me achieve my personal goals. I've always wanted to work with computers, and enjoyed graphic design, but I always felt like I was on my journey alone." —Layla

• "I'm trying to focus on school work because I want to do something with myself, because my fear is being homeless, and living out on the streets. My grandpa was an electrician, plumber, and all that. I'd really like to do that. If that doesn't work out, I'll probably do something here at Sunrise." —Kyle

• "When I was 14, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I had two surgeries. I went through six months of chemotherapy. I got real depressed and then my mom introduced me to meth. I don't want to go back to the same stuff."—Noah

This Christmas, you have an opportunity to partner with our Christian ministry, supporting these kids to help make their dreams come alive.

Nearly 10,000 youth are currently in custody of the state because they've been removed from their homes to keep them safe and protected. This alarming number is rising every month, but Sunrise will continue to be at the forefront to reach Kentucky's orphans and hurting families. Today, Sunrise's census has surpassed 1,330 individuals statewide—the highest in our agency's 150-year history.

An end-of-year gift to Sunrise is 100 percent tax-deductible and will greatly benefit the children we serve. Your end-of-year gift to Sunrise can help fulfill the wishes and dreams of these special kids who need a fresh start in life. Gifts can be made online at sunrise.org/Christmas.

Thank you for thinking of Sunrise and Sunrise kids this Christmas!

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