"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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This is Oneida: Things for which Oneida is thankful


1. God seeing fit to ordain OBI

2. God's continued provision and sustaining grace

3. The 40,000 students who have passed through OBI

4. The many thousand staff members who have served at OBI

5. The 300 total students we have today

6. The 121 domestic boarding students we have today

7. The 100 local, commuting students we have today

8. The 46 international students we have today

9. The 33 staff children we have today

10. The 95 staff members we have today

11. The 15 full-time volunteers we have today

12. The 500-600 short-term volunteers who serve annually

13. The thousands of friends and donors who bless OBI

14. The many prayer warriors who faithfully pray for OBI

15. Our new boys' dormitory and our nearly completed new girls' dormitory

16. The 13 salvations so far this year

17. The 25 Board of Trustee members who faithfully serve

18. The traveling mercies the Lord provides day after day for our local bus routes and drivers

19. The many co-curriculars we are able to provide

20. The trials and challenges we face that bring us closer to Christ

21. The 80 housing units we use to provide homes for our staff

22. The properties we own in other places that provide income

23. Our growing endowment and investments

24. The freedom our teachers have to teach from a Biblical worldview

25. The three Class A regional championships won by our boys' soccer, girls' soccer, and volleyball teams this fall

26. Our covenant agreement and partnership with Kentucky Baptists

27. Our kitchen staff who bless us with three quality meals every day

28. Our remote location that enables us to minister to our kids in unique ways

29. The surrounding mission field in close proximity to our campus

30. Our working farm

31. The opportunity to continue providing an "Education for Time and Eternity" for young people from all over Kentucky, the country, and the world

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