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Chainsaw, feeding crews working in south Georgia for hurricane relief


LOUISVILLE—Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief has deployed additional chainsaw and roof tarping crews, chaplains and feeding teams to work in Blakely, Ga., in response to Hurricane Michael relief and clean-up.

"Please pray for the teams that left Kentucky this weekend (Nov. 4), and for so many who continue trying to recover from this destructive storm," urged Coy Webb, director of Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief.

Chainsaw Blue Hat leaders include Roger Devine of Grand Rivers, Dennis Mott of Fredonia, and Fred Rouse of Mayfield. Kentucky chaplains are being led by Karen Smith and the feeding team is being supervised by Bobby Hicks.

"Trees down in the area are massive and damage has been severe," Webb reported, noting extensive damage to local pecan farms. Teams transported three farm tractors with forks for lifting brush and logs to help with debris removal, he said.

As of Nov. 6, Kentucky DR volunteers have served 13,715 meals, made more than 478 ministry contacts, and completed 160 chainsaw and more than 50 roof tarping jobs. Chaplains are reporting having made 548 contacts, and three decisions to accept Christ have resulted from 36 gospel presentations.

The 29 Kentucky volunteers, who will be working eight days, are stationed at Kolomoki Mounds State Park, where crews have use of its cabins, dining hall and kitchen facilities, Webb said. (WR)

Statistics reported by Kentucky DR crews, as of Nov. 7:

• Ministry Contacts: 522

• Chaplain Contacts: 577

• Gospel Presentations: 39

• Decisions for Christ: 3

• Meals Served: 13,998

• Volunteer Days: 1, 262

• Bibles Distributed 334

• Tracts Distributed: 211

• Damage Assessments Completed: 196

• Heavy Equipment Hours: 356

• Repair Jobs Completed: 5

• Chainsaw Jobs Completed: 170

• Temporary Roof Jobs Completed: 53

• Showers: 836

• Laundry Loads: 91

• Water Distributed: 5,438 bottles

• Gatorade Distributed: 49 cases

• Pallets of Food Distributed: 39

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