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WMU team serves in Swaziland


Cheryl Hatfield teaches children's Sunday School in Swaziland.

Children enjoyed the handmade jump ropes provided by the Swaziland team. Jump ropes were made from old T-shirts.

LOUISVILLE—A Kentucky Woman's Missionary Union team returned Oct.15 from an 11-day mission trip to Swaziland.

The six-member team taught Sunday School and led worship services at Velebantfu and Maloma Baptist Churches; led revival services in several churches; delivered Baptist Global Response Hospice Care Buckets; led ladies Bible studies; held training for pastors and church leaders; led chapel at Franson High School; taught the Swazi WMU Guide; and participated in the Swazi Baptist Women's Conference.

Each day of bucket delivery saw people come to Christ as the gospel was shared. Visits in the churches and meetings with pastors and lay leaders were encouraging to Swazi Baptists. The Kentucky WMU ladies were excited to have the opportunity of teaching about WMU using a guide specially prepared for the Swazi women. As a gift for children, the Kentucky team took handcrafted jump ropes made from t-shirts.

Wayne Myers, emeritus IMB missionary to Swaziland, was the team leader. Traveling with him were Jay and Cheryl Hatfield, of Willisburg; George Chinn, of Hartford; Diane McDaniel, of Springfield, and Linda Crawford, of Greensburg. (WR)

Diane McDaniel surrounded by children during a visit to a Swazi Baptist church.

Emeritus IMB Missionary Wayne Myers is all smiles as he greets as Swazi pastor and his family.

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