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Clear Creek Chronicle: Thankful for God's transformation


Third year student Kaymon Noble reflects on how God has transformed his life and placed him at Clear Creek.

"Growing up, Christ seemed to be as far as the east is from the west from me," said Noble. "I had no desire to really know who He was or what Christianity was. I grew up poor and in tough situations all the time. My family and I went through eviction notices and utilities being shut off. I was bullied all the way up to my sophomore year of high school and did not have many friends until then either. All I could think about when God was mentioned to me was, 'Why would He allow all of this to happen to me?' Everyone told me that God cared about me and my family, but everything going on around me showed otherwise.

"Finally, my eighth-grade year I met three people who would change my life forever," recalled Noble. "Kaylynn Cain began talking to me in my first-period class and tried to get all she could out of me. A month later Kaylynn told me I should talk to her brother, Aaron, and I did. Aaron Wheeler and I became best friends instantly, and he began taking me to church. On January 29, 2012, I accepted Christ into my life and have been forever changed. It was then that I began seeking God's will and two years later that God called me to Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.

"Four years later I would find myself driving down the mountain to Clear Creek," recalled Noble. "I naturally wanted to be introverted and stay in my room. That did not work out as many of the single guys came to my door and started asking me to hangout. As I was coming out of my shell, I began to get involved in Clear Creek life. Since my first year I have been freshman class vice president, sophomore class president, and I am currently junior class president.

"Clear Creek has opened doors for me to preach here in Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia! I have given my testimony at a few school events, too! I work as a member on the cleaning crew and I am a videographer, too. God has blessed me so much since I have been at Clear Creek. I am looking forward to my last two years and whatever He has me doing after I leave Clear Creek."

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