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Ky. Baptist Disaster Relief on alert as Florence nears Carolina coast


LOUISVILLE—As Hurricane Florence menaces the Carolina shores, Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief is swinging into action.

State Disaster Relief Director Coy Webb issued a call out Sept. 11 for 60 feeding volunteers to serve 10 days with the KBDR mobile kitchen in response to those affected by Hurricane Florence. The team's anticipated departure is on Sunday, Sept. 16, but that date is subject to change depending on when the massive storm makes landfall.

Screen capture from weather.com

"We are filling the team before this hurricane makes landfall as need may be urgent and great once the storm hits," Webb said. " By putting together team pre-landfall, it will speed up our ability to provide critically needed food."

Hurricane Florence currently is expected to be a Category 4 or possibly 5 when it hits South Carolina with winds exceeding 150 mph. With significant storm surge and very heavy rains expected on an already saturated area, damage and impact is expected to be significant and life-threatening.

Kentucky Baptist volunteers willing to serve on DR teams are urged to contact Webb as soon as possible at (502)-489-3399, or coy.webb@kybaptist.org. (WR)

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