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Sunrise: Lori finds success at Sunrise's Morehead Center


Lori* came to Sunrise's Morehead Center from a psychiatric hospital where she was admitted due to a self-harming incident. She needed assistance dealing with her defiant and oppositional behaviors, depression, self-harm substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Lori had suffered from neglect and witnessed parental substance abuse in the home. She would have temper tantrums and refused to follow rules and had some minor aggression toward her sister.

Her father is unknown, and there is no contact with her biological mother. Her grandparents and aunt are a source of support for Lori. She was in different placements previously and, according to her, "nothing worked." So, she was cynical about Sunrise's ability to help her.

Lori came into the program at Sunrise's Morehead Center and started working immediately. She was determined to be out of there in four months. She succeeded.

Throughout her time at Morehead Center, Lori struggled with attitude and tone when speaking either with Sunrise team members or with her peers. She also struggled with managing her angry impulses appropriately and learning how to express her needs and emotions effectively without fear of rejection or judgment. She learned various coping tools to address these issues and was ultimately much more successful than when she arrived. Lori had family therapy weekly so she would be able to return back to her grandparents' and aunt's home once she completed the program.

Lori faced her discharge with mixed emotions. She was uncertain as to what the future would bring, but the Sunrise team assured her that she had built strength and courage to face whatever came her way. The team assisted her in transition back to the community, where she would be living with relatives that knew and understood her clinical issues, and were able to assist her obtaining the support she needed. Sunrise was quite optimistic about her chances for success back in the community and confident she had the support needed to succeed.

After Lori discharged from the program she called back to let the Sunrise team at Morehead Center know that she was doing well.

Thankfully, there are many more of these success stories to tell. If you have given to Sunrise in the past, you share in Lori's success, as do all of us at Sunrise.

*Name changed to protect identity of individual.

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