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Clear Creek Chronicle: Graduation memories

Part III


I know you will enjoy reading the final installment of favorite memories from our recent graduates.

"While at Clear Creek, I gained the confidence to preach. I thank my Mom and Dad for their support as I have grown spiritually and physically. I so appreciate my grandparents for telling me about Clear Creek and for their continued support through the years. I am also so thankful for my wife, Kayla, for always pushing me to be a better person and student and for loving me." —Jeffrey Logan Little

"It was difficult for me to submit to God's will for me to come to Clear Creek but I thank my parents and grandparents for helping me to get here to sit in my classes and gain so much Godly wisdom." —Joel Duane Goliver

"My fondest memory at Clear Creek is marrying my amazing wife, and learning to do life with her. I want to express my thanks to her for sticking with me during the hard times and always being a source of encouragement. I also want to thank my family for their support, my friends for their encouragement; and the faculty and staff for helping me to reach this milestone. I especially want to thank Dean Goodman for mentoring, counseling, encouraging and enabling me to do ministry while here. I most of all want to thank the Lord for the grace He gave me in salvation and the grace He continues to give me every day." —Samuel Earnest Gilbreath

Thanks to all my professors at CCBBC for helping me to become the man of God I did not know that I could be." —Ethan Jacob Townsend

"I thank the professors for answering God's call to teach and Jenson Baptist Church for allowing me to preach and experience pastoral ministry while here. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your patience and long-suffering. It has been six years but I am finally graduating. Thank you, Dean Goodman, for taking me under your wing. You were a friend when I desperately needed one. I will miss you and your wisdom. My fondest memory of Clear Creek is marrying Kari, my beautiful wife. I thank God for bringing you here and I thank you for being by my side every step of the way and never giving up even when it got hard." —Michael Patrick Chadwick

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