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July 4th storm damages Paintsville church


PAINTSVILLE—A severe storm swept through a small eastern Kentucky town on Wednesday, tearing roofs off homes and businesses and toppling a steeple at the downtown church.

Seth Carter, pastor of First Baptist Church in Paintsville, said God's hand was on the town even during the midst of the storm.

No injuries were reported from the storm that came upon the town in minutes.

Even the steeple falling from the top of the church fell to the ground with hardly a rumble.

"Where it landed, it didn't even take out a flower pot or window," Carter said. "It was almost like the Lord, with his sovereign hand, sit it down right there. It literally landed in the safest place it could land."

Submitted photo from church

A storm took down the steeple at First Baptist Church in Paintsville on Wednesday night. No injuries were reported.

Carter was outside when the storm suddenly came out of nowhere. The church was having a Fourth of July block party.

"Five minutes there was sunshine and the next five minutes the steeple was gone," he said. "We were outside with four canvas tents playing games with the children. Me and a few other guys were trying to hold the tents down."

Carter said one of those holding the tent was literally picked up off their feet about two feet before being put gently back down.

"The tents literally started collapsing and somebody from inside the church yells 'The steeple is gone,''' Carter said. "The gutter flew off the church and we were able to get it before it did any damage if the wind had picked it back up."

The church suffered some other damage, he said. Insurance is expected to cover the damages. (KT)

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